Gear System needs some work

Emperor’s Gift (the mechanic that occassionally decides to give you an item) is far too random, with some players getting weapons almost every other match (people in my friend group), and with some players like myself barely getting any weapons, with my level 30 veteran having some ~10 unlocks? The items it also decides to bestow upon you end up being pretty poor in terms of rarity and power (I got a gray shovel that’s at power level 300… when my normal weapons are at level 415~). This should be changed into a system that always gives you a weapon (or three, if we look at vermintide), and you can then sell these weapons for cash assuming you weren’t lucky, the poor quality of them and low power would then not really feel like a slap in the face.

Combined with Melk’s challenges about picking up grims/scriptures/doing secondary objectives/completing missions - I feel disincentivised to play on higher difficulties where I can lose and not get a chance at this slot wheel (that’s already really low in chance), so there needs to be some work done, maybe multipliers on higher difficulties to Melk’s challenges (which would give players a reason to try push themselves).

Melk’s random item requisitions also seem to be really bad, and do not represent the quality of his shop, but rather just give you an item from the peddler in the armory (you even hear their vendor complete voice line, but that’s a bug) - this needs to be worked on, and maybe give players the option of three weapons/curios, over just one item forced onto you.

We’re also not sure of the maximum power level, and if the shop scales off the amount of missions played/current gear equipped/lifetime gear of a char, but it seems random tbh.