Overall rewards improvement

I am actually baffled this game doesn’t give you any reason to keep playing once you finish the leveling process and completing Penances, as there is no way to reliably grind gear. So, i have sat down, got high and devised an improvement on overall rewards.
Let’s start with rewards once you hit Level 30. As it is right now, once you hit Lv30, that’s it, if you have no interest in Penances, you will move onto another character or lay down the game altogether, so.
Right now, you need about 7.300XP to go from Lv29 to 30.
So, let’s say we will bump that number to 10.000XP per level, past Lv30.

  • Every ‘additional’ level you will complete past Lv30 will reward you with “Reclaimed Supplies” (prototype name), which contains 2 to 4 random items (suitable for your class), Blue or higher quality. Amount and Quality would be at random.
  • Emperor’s Blessing (which i am convinced doesn’t exist) needs a reword from the ground up.
    Okay, so Emperor’s Blessing would be a GUARANTEED random item, if the following condition is met: “Your team finished a mission without any ‘Casualty’”. If this condition is met, you are guaranteed to obtain one random item (suitable for your class). Quality of item will be determined by the difficulty of the mission.
  • T1 - White
  • T2 - Blue
  • T3 - Blue (with a low change of Purple)
  • T4 - Purple
  • T5 - Purple (with a low chance of Gold)
    Right now, doing missions with conditions (such as Lights Out, Hunting Grounds etc.) gives nothing extra and therefore kinda useless. Special condition missions should have a higher payout than regular mission, so theres actually any tangible reason to do them. Conditions should also be able to stack (ex. Lights Out + Hunting Grounds), allowing more variety and a chance for higher payout.
    Ordo Dockets (which have almost null usage as of now) should let us refresh the list. How is that possible with Melk missions and now with the gun vendor is actually beyond me.
    Melk’s gear either has to cost significantly less, or have guaranteed minimum gear score, which i believe the acceptable base is 380 now. Melk is currently the worst way to get your hands on anything useful. the balance between cost - efficiency is just horrible. Melk needs to change.
    9/10 times nobody bothers with them, as the only thing they offer right now are Ordo Dockets (mostly useless) and bonus XP (giga useless once you’re Lv30). Unless you have to do some Scripture/Grimoire hunting for weekly Melk Quest, you’re not gonna care. Remedy? If you complete the Side Objective, you will be granted additional Emperor’s Blessing, granting you one random item (suitable for your class) of random quality (no less than Blue).

That’s about it.


I think it’d be cool to have your own cabin, where things like scriptures and grimoires would add to a library that could be used for in-game lore etc.

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