Sire Malic rewards

i love the new update you guys did an amazing job. That being said you need to go back and rework the rewards from Sire Malic and the weapons vendor what they sell is basically junk at best Sire Malic items are only worth buying for the Blessing. Something else you may want to look into is creating a Sire Malic reward for Auric runs where all gear spawns with much better damage numbers perks and Blessings. You could also introduce an Auric-only currency that would allow you to improve your weapon damage numbers by one point at a time to each category till it reaches the maximum of 380 points across all skills on the weapon. I also think that maybe drops from Auric might get an item level of 600 or 650. Yes I know some people will be upset that Auric level drops would be higher then even damnation drops but that’s the breaks more skilled players need better rewards for working harder.

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I agree re: Melk. Has been mentioned before mind you many times in different guises.

On Auric rewards; I would disagree. If you’re completing Auric with your 520-550 weapons, then one assumes you don’t need another 100 points worth of abilities? Strikes me that the people who’d really stand to gain from that are those that are being carried through that level of difficulty. And Auric really should be end game that batters and bruises even the best players.

Adding more points to weapons is another form of power creep. Already many people can regularly complete high-difficulty-modifier Auric missions; if you give people more power, then the game becomes easier, and then you get more people asking for harder levels.

That’s a valid point about Auric Mission to an extent yes it should be hard I get that then maybe not higher level or points but maybe you can increase your weapon damage or get an extra perk or blessing switch on your weapon just something that makes that grind and the difficulty worth the effort. Also, those who run Auric need to be rewarded with better stuff than you get at even damnation level. I am just looking for ways to make the grind, especially at the top end worth it. They should also do something that makes it worth while to take on demon hosts.

The Melk items are trash and the whole element us only useful for levels <30. That being said, I got my 544 power sword on some random melk roll so I check everyday. More items should be like this, at higher prices. Easy fix.

Itemisation is a joke in general. Sir Melk’s contract rewards, Emperor’s gift, even the actual shop. Anything which is blue or better quality tends to be a junk for this reason or another. In close to 2k hours I maybe kept 1 or 2 items from the contract shop. Emperor’s rewards went straight into the bin, or at best gave me a new blessing tier.