Quality of life suggestions

Crafting is kinda of holding the game quite a bit back atm. There was a cool new patch with a lot of content but you can’t just get a new weapon and test it since you’re playing Gatcha with a servitor and require a lot of Plasteel to bless the weapons. While rewards are fine in normal missions Auric definitely should be more rewarding. And the crating system should have a bit more option than just bricking weapons with the wrong combination of blessing perks.


Mission rewards for Auric Damnation:
100.000 ordo dockers
500 Plasteel + whatever you find in the mission
150 Diamantine + whatever you find in the mission

Mission rewards for Auric Damnation:
75.000 ordo dockers
350 Plasteel + whatever you find in the mission
100 Diamantine + whatever you find in the mission

“Token of the Omnisair” - cost 1000 Marks consumed upon use. Lets you change a locked blessing/perk on a weapon. Up to 3 times.

The random acquisition should give you purple and gold only.

Blessing missions - You should be able to request a weapon with a certain Blessing(random tier) and Melk will give you a mission for it.
Eg.: You want a blessing for a Plasma gun. You pay Melk 500Marks and he will give you a task to kill 200 Crushers in 24 hours.

Mission loading in:
I play mostly random and it just throws you into a mission without any information about what type/condition. You should get information about the mission and the option to reject it. So you can choose a loadout/weapon to suit it.

New mission type - Firefight
Only ranged enemies to have a proper firefight, extra ammo spawns

Ventilation purge - what is the point of modeling such a beautiful environment since you just hide it in fog ? At least give it and interesting mechanic like thermal goggles or something like that

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I don’t mind extra mats giving the current crafting state.

Yep, like V2 would be nice (but unable to reject the mission).

I’m ok playing Ventilation if I have to. But it’s not that enjoy this condition, so I agree.

I disagree I hate Vent Purge. It gives lower preformance for me, which causes micro stuttering which gives me a head ache halfway through a match.

Power Disruption is the mode I’m ok with playing but don’t really enjoy, besides how atmospheric it is.

I feel you. I heard a lot of players having an issue with performance drop. :pensive:

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Maybe add additional gear. Like armor that enhacnes resistances, buffs, speed, stamina, etc. There needs to be increases in stats and resistances as charactes gain leveles. We should be able to invest in helmets that work and provides buffs rather then just have them be cosmetics.

Removing the locks would be huge.

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