Crafting, Replayability Idea

Note: I only play auric damnation.

The game is fun right now. Very challenging and engaging. But you know what’s killing my motivation to play more? The fact that if I have an idea for a new build I have to sink hours and hours, millions of ordo dockets, tens of thousands of plasteel to make the build. I end up running the same old builds again and again simply due to material shortage and layers of RNG.

I’ll be honest, I’m getting burnt out. I’m likely to just take a hiatus and play other games if my time in this game is going to be spent gambling at Brut’s and at Hadron’s. I’m tired of clicking buttons, praying for good RNG to get what I need for a new build. I paid to slay heretics, not click buttons at a slot machine. I do not enjoy spending hours and not obtaining even a marginal upgrade to my arsenal.

My proposal is as follows.

Point Buy Crafting System

  1. Make weapon patterns and trinket slots available based on level requirements, contract completion, whatever. Give us something concrete to work towards.
  2. Once a weapon pattern or trinket slot is available, all customization is done so on that single instance, no more duplicates with different stat spreads.
  3. Have the patterns and trinkets start at the minimum base stats but a budget of points to allocate to things like damage & stopping power, +damage against maniac, brutal momentum, and etc.
  4. Allow us to increase the overall budget by paying dockets, plasteel, and diamantine. This way, after each play session, we know we made tangible progress towards strengthening our gear.
  5. Consider 3 separate budgets for the 3 categories of customization on weapons. Ordo dockets for base stat budget, plasteel for perk budget, and diamantine for blessing budget.
  6. For trinkets, dockets for the type (HP, Toughness, Wounds) and their magnitudes, plasteel for perk budget.
  7. Let us pay the relevant resources to unlock and upgrade perks and blessings permanently for use on the weapon pattern.
  8. Allow base stats, perks, blessings to be changed and switched for free in the inventory interface. Optimally, make it possible to edit our gear’s stats in the deployment lobby and have our custom items be saved in loadouts.

You may have noticed that the system is very similar to how Monster Hunter handles their gear crafting. I think that the longevity and replayability of that series comes in part from how easy it is to customize your gear and playstyle.


Welcome to the battle #437

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I am blessed to be counted among the ranks of such martyrs.

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Fatshark is aware of the issues with crafting, they just don’t seem to know what to do about it, like some C-suite is deeply wedded to the idea and can’t let it go.

Those issues are, for the most part, intentional. The RNG availability, RNG stats, RNG acquisition, RNG upgrades, RNG perks, RNG blessings, and RNG levels of perks and blessings, are all designed to generate frustration. The frustration and sense of gambling is is the point, generally so the developer can sell you a way around it and keep generating interest.

The problem is that generally that frustration has an outlet, but Darktide itself has no outlet for that frustration. Monetizing frustration and grind interest is core to many live service games, however there is no monetization here, and the grind just actively disincentivizes experimentation and exploration.

It’s a mobile gacha game design paradigm hamfisted into a desktop PC game at great effort and at many levels, but without any payoff on either side of the equation.

And that’s why it pisses people off and painfully undercuts everything Fatshark puts out for this game.

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I honestly have to wonder if the guy who gave an interview saying he hated min-maxers designed most of this game’s systems solely to prevent people from getting consistent results from basically anything.

I think this useless XP after 30 lvl could go into weapon leveling that unlocks different sights, different rate of fire and magazines as well as extends overhaul ammo capacity of a gun.

Also, fully leveled gun has no limitations on blessings or refines slots.

This would be awesome with current system.
Just make this leveling 3x harder than character leveling.

Imagine after 30 lvl you find a gun with better base stats.

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