Endgame loot

I have a big problem. I’ve been playing about 30 games without getting any end of mission loot (grey, green, blue, purple and gold).
I play with a colleague almost 80% of the time and loot every two games.

RNGeasus, my friend. Pray to RNGeasus.

Same hier reached level 30 and with TWO chars and the past 40 gomes no Loot from missions and the loot rotation is absolute BAD. I wannted to get a dagger for my priest and the last couple of days zero in the shop just rifles at one time all the same just with different trats. berfore that with complete rubish trats on them. I just dont see the point of playing any more if the loot is this bad or does not drop from finished missions. I hope Fat Shark will rethink the loot but at the moment its just not fun.

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