Endgame Loot feels too much random atm

Hi all,
as the title says atm i feel the drop too much random, i’m a psyker and most of the loot are autogun as you can see in the screen below.

The staff is crafted and not even near the perfection for my build, but all other loot are things that i’m not even consider.
I dont know if is only for me but doing mission on mission without see improvement cuz i dont find items that i need or that can be useful start to be boring.
I hope the next part of crafting will be released soon because it’s frustrating in the long run.
sorry for the bad english, it is not my native language.


There’s an endgame ?


the endgame loot system seems absent among a lot of other things unfortunately. i cant belief this system was what they ever sat down and planned.

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Yeah, that is right.
It would help if we could at least buy any weapon we want as grey and try it on Hadron in hopes Emperor’s RNG gives us something.
But this way?..

I think there’s no reason not to allow players buy whatever gray quality weapons they desire and then use Plasteel and Diamantine to improve their base stats and their Quality.
It’s still a lot of materials to gather, and then it’s the Blessings and Perks that the player will probably be able to try to change.
Current loot system is just not fun in any way and doesn’t respect anyone’s time.

Ye i think the same.

The staff you can see in the screen is done by upgrading a grey staff with mid-high rating and it is the 4th i’ve done…the other didn’t gone over 460 rating really bad luck, fortunatly my force sword have 504 rating and 1 out of 2 blessing that i need (SoulBlaze build).

Probably not the real Endgame system cuz the crafting system isn’t fully implemented.

That can be a good thing atm but the game become too much grinding and you will see half of the team going around to search mats and the other half that flame cuzthe first half is too slow to clear the mission xD.

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I don’t know why they had to nerf the shop so much, I had seen 400 whites in quite a few screenshots but I’ve not seen above 376 in the week since launch. Its 90% blue and like 400 power range and down. There seems just as much chance of finding that high a roll on a green. Also not having purple and oranges makes the curio upgrade game a lottery where you have a good 40% chance of dumpstering at the cost of your resources, which is another amazing design. Really makes the not sharing them thing sting.