Reward Partial Crafting Materials on Failure

I’m shocked this was removed. I thought it was a feature, allowing players to push themselves and not be punished for not just grinding easier missions or parameters they know they can clear.

I understand that the material amounts have increased, so why not reward 50% for failing? Or have it go up with progress, from 25%-75%? Anything other than “you wasted an hour on Damnation + Endless, you get nothing.”


Completely agree. You push yourself to the limits of your skill, then you go to the boss room and beg in chat for people to prio ads.

What do they do?

Tunnel vision on the boss, assuming ‘someone else’ is clearing the ads. Everyone gets clapped by the elites and specials which are just accumulating behind the tides of the horde. You just played for 30minutes and for a couple coins for it with very little xp.

What’s the point of rewarding more experience on higher difficulties if you risk playing for 30min and getting even less than what you would get for playing a round of difficulty 1 in 15min.