Crafting materials on loss

In the “fixes” for the launch patch, it lists “keeping mats on mission failure” as a fixed bug.

I don’t mean to be aggro but… Really? It takes so much effort just to collect the mats, especially in random matches since most players just run to the end, and then if my team fails I lose all of that effort?

Please atleast give us half the mats so that it isn’t completely pointless to put in the work.

The first time I lost a match and kept the materials I had a huge wave of relief because it’s a wonderful QOL feature to keep those, and explicitly saying that something positive was a bug is kind of awful.


Especially since game is crashing constantly now, lol. Getting them in such scenario would be something at least

At least give us a fraction of the crafting mats, like if we only complete 30% of the run we only get 30% of the mats, exactly how it works currently for exp and dockets.
Oh wait, that’s exactly what it used to be.
This is a terrible decision, it’s going to encourage players to be toxic. You’re going to see players who underperform at the start of the match getting kicked because no one wants to risk a wasted run.
In addition, while you could have gotten away with it if it had been working how you intended from the beginning, you’ve now taken a good thing away from players so everyone’s more upset than had we never had it in the first place.
Please revert this change, it feels awful.