"Failing a mission should no longer grant you the crafting materials you found in that run. Soz." This is very very bad change for co-op experience. I was sure you made it that way to decrease toxicity and griefing

This here from patch notes:

“Failing a mission should no longer grant you the crafting materials you found in that run. Soz.”

Imo a massive bad change. I was sure you made it that way as design (not losing mats) to increase positive co-op experience, reduce griefing, toxicity, rage and kicks. I was with all my friends from V2 and beta commending you on that. Guess you made good design by accident.

What it did in beta was that it removed any sort of griefing “you wasted my run!! 30 minutes and I have no craft mats becasue if you noob” or kicking sub-optimal players as now there is big lost of all craft mats gathered during run which is a way to increase your weapons/gear power. This especially on Diff 4-5 will cause massive toxicity towards less-skilled players and generally won’t be good.

In beta at least if people failed final even it was “gg, but we still got mats ^^” or “look for mats, we keep them even if we fail!”

I strongly suggest that you think sometimes if mistake isn’t actually a better result than original plan as I see here nobody gave it a thought. In my opinion this is terrible co-op change to game.

And I didn’t meet even ONE person (I have over 30+ friends from V2 cata) who didn’t during beta said “this is great design to let mats stay”. Not even one.

Sad to see you made it good by accidient. Typical for you… 2 steps back, 1 step forward.


“Soz.” Haha so quirky!! Funny, funny patch notes, you fething gakheads.

YES, by all means, make my grind longer and harder, it’s not like I have other things to do. What is their problem??


Yeah, I was really disappointed to see that. Part of these games is that sometimes you get a stack of specials that your party just can’t counter, and you wipe. Keeping your materials and getting partial xp/money rewards took some of the sting out of those wipes; I thought for sure it was a design choice.


“Let’s reduce toxicity!”

“Alright, how should we do that?”

“Let’s punish players by taking away their most precious resources when they fail so level 30s will just kick and berate people for attempting a new difficulty, and trying to improve at it.”

Seriously, just revert this. It’s so horrible. “Oh I’m sorry you gave 30 minutes of your time and failed because three of your teammates crashed at the most crucial moment, let’s kick you while you’re down and steal all your crafting mats.”


How to bore your player-base

  • Heavily restrict mission selection and spam the same condition all day
  • Release the game without the core mechanics of the progression system (crafting)
  • Incentive players to play missions below their skill level to avoid the risk of failure because challenging yourself should be unrewarding (apparently)
  • Nerf weapons that might be too fun (Grenadier Gauntlet lel)
  • Release barebones cosmetic progression because cash shop
  • Lock the few cosmetic unlocks behind penances that require your team to not exist (Psyker lel)
  • Forget to include 1 of 3 bosses in the game (Chaos Spawn??)



clown patch notes

THIS!!! I’m still wondering where the hell the chaos spawn is!!! It was teased in the Opening cinematic and it’s not like it’s that hard to literally just port over from V2 since it’s THE SAME ENGINE! Like, that the heck man.

also, this

And still WEEKS after beta do not fix Matryrdom stacks, a basic feature/mechanic for one of only four classes in game despite it being reported bugged/broken since start of early-beta.

But hey, there was time for cash shop…


They seem to have reverted it or badly implemented it bc I got some mat on failed mission (or maybe it’s just the post mission screen that still show us gaining mat but we don’t)

I am afraid I have to agree with OP. “Fixing” this has made it worse. At least receiving the mats from a failed mission helped with reducing frustration and toxicity.


I also think it’s lousy. In addition, the lvl 1er drift around in the missions which will fail to 99% run. Then to be punished for it is absolutely a cheek. It’s not like you get incredibly much out of a mission considering how much you need blue to purple 150 + 400 purple to masterful 350 + 900 yeah. we punish the players so they stay longer at the bar and the game continues to allow the so noob herim join the stuff even leave. Be insulting when you say that they should pick it up. Answer Fu The etc. or is distributed but in the end anyway for everyone. Damn, but you have to pick it up first. It can not be that you are soon forced to make non stop screen shots, I want to play and be rewarded. Such noob player on t2 t3 t4 spoil it and then call the high as lol lvl 30 and nothing on it but lvl 1-2-5 are nice. That they provide with non stop die ko. liberate to completely mess up the game does not matter.

Let’s add to discussion fact you can’t even get mats from salvaging gear anymore…

I think Fatshark overall mistook this community for Asian market.


maybe I would be OK with this if they fixed all the crashes, but my game still crashes every 2 to 3 games, sometimes right at the freaking end

good thing they removed the “reconnect” optio- oh wait…

+1 should be reverted asap

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