Currency and Crafting suggestion

Ok I haven’t put the hours many on this forum have, but I do think their needs to be some tangible reward. For a hard fought loss other than some XP. I was Thinking that maybe you could get say copper coins to the value of a percentage of your experience earn. That eventually turn in to sliver and gold, 100 copper = 1 silver. You could the use your earned coin, to purchase crafting material’s. Also you could wager olesya in a game of cards to win one use crafting schematics. Or buy cosmetic items… Thoughts?


No need for new resources in my opinion, and as leveling brings you Commendation Chests, you already get a little something from losses. Although I wouldn’t mind a little Scrap and/or dusts for a consolation prize too.

Oh, and everyone is new at one point, both in forums and in game. That’s no reason to be afraid of expressing one’s opinion. Welcome.

Earning some materials would be great, some scrap and green dust for an almost-finished wipe would go a long ways.

Ideally the crafting system shouldn’t have regressed in the first place.

Game of cards would be great, though.

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Raviolay: Sounds awesome realy! I would just put the crafting parts (for trinket or weapons) as money. You have literally no use for it in the end game. But the whole dynamics sound just amazing … So much that i wonder how come i never thought of that before!?

I think that skill should be rewarded, not playtime.

Keyword is HARD IE being bullshitted right at then end of a run, say hoard ,boss another hoard & two hookrats Just as you are rezing… You get a reasonable amount of exp for a almost finished run anyways. The added mats would just mean players in PUG’s are likely to stick around, than jump in and out of games (I probably wouldn’t care so much if dedicated severs were up, but then a game is almost finished we fail host leaves). And the money reward in a system like that would be hardly worth it of you just suck. Being as it would be based say on 20% of your total exp earn. It would still be preferable to clear the run, get the loot and a lot more money in the process.