Crafting and Reward systems

Should you have either in the game, please plan them out before-hand and for the long term.

Not sure if you underestimated yourselves with the replayability of V2, but we’ve eventually ran out of things to aim for and the crafting seriously lost it’s charm.

While it’s the gameplay that keeps us around, it would be nice to feel like there are rewards we can work towards.

Not only does it give the reward system a never ending depth, it may also convince casuals or game hoppers to stick around longer.

The example I always think of is Grand Marshal’s/High Warlord’s gear on WoW or the old Legendary items. Something awesome that takes a lot of effort to get.


For rewards, I’d like to see Vermintide 1 style bounties return, perhaps having to do modified missions that reward you with the specific item and a loot chest as well. A rogue trader that sells gear for either special loot items found in missions or unopened chests would also be a valuable addition.

As for crafting, I think there should be a focus on gear granting skills and passives as opposed to numbers. That way there’s more build variety instead of people just trying to reach certain breakpoints.


Normal Carapace
Artificier Armor
(Black Armor)
Relic Armor in some way

same for Weapons

not sure about Ogryn though. They can get better Gear for sure, but not sure if they can get a Relic type of Armor or Weapons

Well there are the Relic armour of the Age of the Horus heresy with the Ogryn in the Solar Auxillia

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Yea VT2’s crafting / reward system is rather quite bad and ill thought out.

A lot of game companies think that every game needs some sort of progression system to try and pad the time a player spends on their game.


I don’t mind grinding if the end goal is clearly defined: Do X to get Y. I hate the Vermintide 2 loot system because it’s randomized and full of duplicates: Do X and there is a miniscule chance you’ll get Y - repeat ad nauseum. It’s the worst thing about Vermintide 2 (except for matchmaking in the weaves). If Darktide has this endless RNG crapfest, I won’t buy it (and I’ve put thousands of hours into Vermintide 2).

If there’s another slot machine I’m going to literally (metaphorically) walk to Sweden and spit on all of FS developer’s shoes.

I don’t care what the system is but good god stop it with the RNG :frowning:

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Just adding on to this because the point is 100% correct. Please design a progression system that sustains a longer term audience. Also make it one that you can add onto and develop to give the game more depth as content gets released. VT2 is a travesty of multiple progression and achievement systems that have no synergy because ya’ll kept adding in new stuff instead of developing what you already had. You have great core gameplay just maybe be solid on progression and character loadout interface before launching.