Loot and Progression in Darktide

One of my major issues with V2 is the way the crafting system works. It was already mentioned in several other threads in the past, that the Weaves-System regarding rerolling items is a lot better than the vanilla system in V2.

Are we going to see any improvements for how crafting in Darktide works?

Another thing I never understood is, why we even have item levels / different Item tiers.
Imho it’s just an unnecessary “grind-factor” that influences esp. the games experience for new players in a bad way, since you need to adept to new powerlevels and therefore breakpoints, properties and traits constantly… what shouldn’t be the main focus when in the state of “learning the games basics”. The same goes for talents like THP generation / stagger, both “talent-rows” are pretty much the same all across the board and can’t be really considered as a specific class talent anyways.

Are we going to see the same progression system as in V2 or is there going to be a less grindy / more beginner-friendly version in the works?

What comes along with that are the lootboxes. Let’s be honest: Are they necessary? It’s only purpose is to increase the item level… and get some weapon illusions along. Most players just sit on their chests sooner or later because it’s just a pain in the 4ss to open them and melt everything just to get crafting material you’ll never use.

Are we going to see improvements for how the lootboxes work? Are there going to be lootboxes at all?

Thanks for reading and the answers and/or opinions on the topic


I don’t mind this, but the problem is that it doesn’t feel rewarding enough. Most of the stats are pretty Passive, so the only fun thing is gaining a new Talent.

You can reach red rarity items stats by rolling well on an orange rarity item.

Players shouldn’t have to adjust for break points at all when learning the game. That’s very much a late game endeavour.
How else to lead people into the game than with a progression, where they get new equipment and options as they get more comfortable with what they have?
The original system in VT2 was flawed, but what we have now, with a touch of weave crafting and some improvements to the “late game”, as Fatshark now has an example of how that might play out, seems like a decent way to go.
Getting rewarded with something that you then have to open to get some actual reward has been shown to be very motivating to a lot of people.

Ignoring the fact that a lot of people even enjoy some grind; how many people play the same map they don’t like 10 times to get an achievement with a class they don’t like, and potentially a cosmetic they won’t use?