Gear progression feels extremely stilted without crafting and regular loot drops

The shop system, even when it works, is a terrible primary gear source for the game. Too random, no control over what you get, and often only shows 2-3 options. In vermintide you could always craft a decent weapon of a type you actually wanted to use, and it was clear what weapons types you’d unlocked and which you hadn’t.

I understand that crafting is coming in the full release, but its absence is bizarre to me: if crafting is going to be a big central part of progression, then how is this beta test useful for testing the progression system at all? And if it’s not going to be a significant element of the progression, and the shop will in fact be the primary way we get new weapons in the base game, then that’s not good. Too random, and leaves no real equivalent of vermintide’s end-game gear grind.

Similarly, with weapon rewards from missions being quite rare and seemingly only coming on level up, where’s the incentive to play higher difficulty missions? Just… more money? in Vermintide after a certain point you couldn’t get more powerful weapons without playing at higher difficulty, but from what I can see so far in darktide, seems like you could get there playing only the lowest difficulty if you played enough?

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