Adding a Currency System to balance out Red item drops and Crafting Materials

How about if we could buy/sell items to an ingame vendor, with currency (gold) we earn from completing missions? (on top of the chests we get) Have the barkeep sell deeds/a few cosmetics each week for some $, and ppl passively get some gold as they clear missions. (obv gold can only be earned by ingame playing and completing missions, more gold for higher difficulty). And then we could sell our excess mats (green/blue/orange dust/jewelry/weapon parts) for spare gold and use it to buy new mats that we need. Would help endgame players w/ the green dust issue and give everyone more access to deeds/illusions/gear. Just a thought :slight_smile: Just have the market individual (so as to avoid account hacking and all that BS). Just have the barkeep or some new shady NPC in the corner there to buy our excess stuff, and sell us some overpriced stuff for our long commitment to justice! Then, even if say each vet mission gave us 50g, and a red item (random) costs 10,000, at least we are always working for something and eventually guaranteed some sexy loot :slight_smile:

Please, comment and give your opinions, obviously this is just an idea, I am interested to see what everyone thinks :smiley:

I had this thought early on - I think I even talked about it on these forums during beta.

I get that they wanted to do something unique, but I feel like adding one new NPC merchant who can buy/sell/upgrade, and have a single currency would solve a lot of problems (they could even say he had his tongue cut out so they don’t have to voice him!). I suppose there could be ‘scrap’ as well as gold, but two currencies would be a lot more manageable. It would also let item spawns in maps have a chance of spawning gold loot for pickup. Lesser values on lower difficulties, of course.

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World drops would definitely open up a lot of possibilities for special events, rare spawns and holidays! Plus we could finally have a use for a sack-rats golden items that it drops along w/ pickups :smiley:

Ideas for what the NPC sells: it could either have a static inventory (basic mats, and maybe a few cosmetics and somthing like a random red quality item for lots of gold)… or, they could go the “Xur” route and have the NPC’s inventory rotate daily/weekly with new deeds/items, so that people save up their $ until they find something they cant live without. This would give the whole player base a small reason to want to log in every day/week to check whats available. I think daily’s/weekly’s are wonderful (as long as they are not tedious or obnoxious)

If not a currency system, at the minimum, FS should consider an exchange service for materials like…
1 orange = 2-3 blue
1 blue = 2-5 green

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