Revive Speed Improvement

Suggestion: “Revive Speed” properties should have an effect on the rescuing speed on the “corpses” of fallen comrades after respawn and the speed of lifting them from the cliffs.

Personally, me and my bots ALWAYS have a “+ 30% Revive Speed” property. I only have one life and if I die, the game is over. This property has saved my games many times. Unfortunately, bots are not always eager to help and revive me. They revive each other more willingly.

But now, after patch 4.2, something went wrong - it became impossible for me to defeat the final boss on the Skittergate (Legend). Several times already. Bots are dying too quickly now. This was not the case a week ago.

So I quickly remain alone and cannot revive the “corpses” of the bots - it takes too much time, the boss attack stop revival.

The rescue on skittergate requires some timing, but is definitely doable. After Ratsknitt’s 3 zaps, you have just enough time to revive before he starts casting them again.
That being said, I didn’t know revive speed property didn’t apply to rescuing.

Rescuing. Thx, its more correct word.

Not even Ratsknitt, but his Stormfiend.
The problem is that bots are dying so quickly now and boss to much stronger - as I can feel. I barely manage to inflict only 50% damage to Stormfiend, and it is Stormfiend with its shooting that does not allow me to rescuing my bots.

I haven’t properly played a map since the last patches dropped, so I don’t know how much the difficulty increased ; and I would hate to fall into the git gud argument but rescuing under deathrattler fire is also very doable.
The respawn points are behind a pillar that offers cover from his ranged attack (during which he is stationary) and his charge ; and you can lure him away and use his slam to catapult towards the respawn to give yourself time.
That being said, I think your initial argument still stands, (I didn’t know that revive speed didn’t apply to rescuing), and I don’t see why it shouldn’t be the case.

Of course, I will keep trying again and again until I win.

Usually, it is not often necessary to rescue fallen comrades under a heavy attack, in contrast to reviving the still living. But right now at Skittergate, I realized how valuable this small difference in speed could be.

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