Repeater pistol needs help

oh u mean non full clip (8 shot). i wanted to fire the 8 shot alt fire and not run out of ammo XD

currently if i use the repeater pistol i have to pick the blessed shot doesnt consume ammo talent which isn’t as fun :frowning:

i was thinking the same thing. The windup for alt fire needs to almost instant. That would make it usefull for all classes imo, even without dmg buff. Adding "winding it up longer for tighter spread " would be a dmg increase in some way because it would let headshots be more devasting.

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If you truly want to experience how bad this weapon is, use it as your ranged on Cata-Chaos-Wastes. You can blow your whole magazine into some specials and they wont die. With GFP now being a thing, Salty has a “proper” shotgun weapon, this thing becomes even less viable. But the first (and only) time I tried using it on Chaos Wastes, I was legit shocked as to how bad it performed. It gets outclassed by BoP and Volley in a way that is not even funny.

The armour damage has to go up, the secondary damage has to go up and the damage fall-off has the be loocked into.


This comment didn’t age well.


Actually, now that Saltyzpyre classes now have a general shotgun-weapon available, should this re-open the discussion on the Repeater Pistol?

Ever since the old, old days of the Bluntsman Monster-Killer, before shotgun damage was nerfed a lot vs Monster Armor, the Repeater Pistol’s Alt-Fire suffered a great deal from it, and it didn’t even clear chaff all that well, when they were stacked up. If I recall correctly, the mod-overhaul that was basically ported into the game with some Fat-Shark changes added Linesman or something to the Altfire, which made it better against stacked hordes.

From when I last recall playing the weapon, it was pretty much REQUIRED to take the free shot talent, along with Hunter if you wanted to be able to do decent damage against anything with the altfire, and even then you had to dedicate all your resources for Crit Power and Power Vs Chaos if you wanted to one-tap a Chas Warrior on Legend. Even then, it had to be a good portion of headshots in that burst of fire. Generally, you just run out of ammo far to quickly, on any other build unless you’re being very conservative with your shots.

I recall someone commenting that they actually used the Repeater on Zealot, because they liked the fast-shot left clicks for dealing with short-ranged specials, but I almost never saw any non-BH Saltz classes with the weapon myself.

Personally, I recall having a ton of fun back when the glitch/bug was in place that allowed the shotgun-type effects to trigger multiple times, and give the Repeater Pistol like 16 bullets back per altfire on crit with scrounger. Went on a twitch run and had an absolute blast with it.

The weapon, IMO, has settled pretty much into the ‘one shot per 10-seconds niche’, and its unlikely to leave it. And it would take a lot of work for Fatshark to change it, work which I doubt they’d be willing to do. I get that they won’t change Scrounger to be able to do that kind of stuff again. But if they could just make it so the Alt-fire was just firing off all 8 shots of the left click at once, I think that’d be nice. Entirely removing the shotgun damage-type, with all its deficiencies against Armor without crits, now that Saltz already has another shotgun at hand.

Then again, that might make it best in class, with BH’s guaranteed Crits. I admit to being a bit of a fan of the weapon, and wouldn’t really mind it being just a bit ‘too’ good. Saltz already doesn’t lack for choice in ranged weaponry with the Crossbow and Brace of Pistols already being the top choices. Poor Repeating Crossbow, though, I don’t recall it being especially good, either.

Opinions, or should this just die?

To me Griffonfoot took the niche I would previously have liked to see RP take, so here are my new thoughts on the weapon.

They should just commit to the Prized Bounty build and turn it into a handcannon with extreme burst damage. How exactly to go about this I’m not 100% sure, but something along the following lines:

  • Leave the primary fire how it is, it’s basically fine
  • Tune up the alt fire base damage a heap, but tune down the crit modifier a little. The desired end result being an alt fire that does much more damage than it does currently without a crit, and still a decent bit more than it does with a crit currently
  • Up the alt fire penetration a bit more, and tighten the spread a bit
  • Slightly speed up the alt fire warm up animation
  • Reduce range damage drop-off significantly
  • If necessary, further gut its ammo generation with Scrounger

Now it has an identity. It’s a low sustain burst weapon you treat a little like the Trollhammer, considering where it is and isn’t worth busting it out to quickly end a threat. The cleave and damage means it can be effective at dealing with a wide range of threats, from a pack of monks to a Chaos Warrior. The buffs to non crit damage ensures that when prized bounty isn’t up, you still have the option to use it to good effect at the cost of quickly running through your ammo if you do this often.

I really don’t think that would be too much considering how limiting the ammo pool/prized bounty playstyle is. It can be the epitome of burst damage and I think that’d be pretty cool.

Volleybow is much simpler to fix. JUST GIVE IT ITS BBB CLEAVE BACK YOU COWARDS. Or give us a talent option to spec for ranged cleave if the former option is too distasteful for FS.


Could go in reverse and make the left clicks more punchier and the right clicks more horde focused.

Left clicks more in line with Repeater Handgun fire rate and damage wise.
Right clicks cut in half to 4 ammunition (damage adjusted to match) to make it more usable outside of prize bounty.

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I’ve been running BH Repeatergun (inf, critpower) charm (inf, Critpower) on Cata and it’s quite good but i don’t think I would run it without reds and BH. I use the alt fire for Maulers(i have gotten 3 maulers in one volley),zerkers and specials. The nice thing about the alt fire is that it always hits, so you wont miss that packmaster or assasin flying by. For far away targets i just go plink plink plink and they are gone.
You wont be deleting SVs and CWs with the repeater but you have pretty solid melee talents and your ult for that.

I think "open wounds"talent , “Scrounger” trait and "assasin"talent is mandatory for this.

I still think Repater needs a little help, but just a little

Upping the ammo reserves would help a lot. The Repeater Pistol can already deal a lot of damage but it runs dry too easily.

It’s much better to run hunter, and just forego using the alt-fire completely apart from situations where ammo is readily available, or nuking a boss which needs to go down quickly. Ammo really isn’t an issue, when every special unit die in a single shot, apart from packmasters which die in two.

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. The repeater pistols ammo pool is not the weapons main issue, it’s how insanely lackluster the alt fire is and how weak the weapons armor damage is apart from crits.

There really is no reason that a blessed shot alt-fire in an SV’s nostrils should deal comparable damage to a single headshot from the crossbow.

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Alt fire buff. i think whats mentioned earlier about buffing armor and penetration and slight nerf to crit dmg is the way to go.

If i stopped using alt-fire, would’nt the repeater just be weaker BoP?

ps: i dont mind it being ammo hungry, if the alt fire was worth tho.


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Shorter reload time, better armor breakpoints (with crits), faster weapon switching and faster rate og fire.

Worse range and non crit armor damage.

That’s about it.

Honestly I don’t want Repeater buffed for the selfish reason that I want to play with weaker weapons.

At the end of the day, the weapon feels really fun for me to use in its current state with BH. It’s reasonably effective, feels satisfying to use and is relatively versatile. Of course it’s bad compared to other weapon choices, but to the content itself I’m satisfied with it. If anything I’d want the alt-fire animation be enforced fully cause it looks and feels cool. Maybe some slightly beefier sounds. It has pretty good horde clear on alt-fire already, I’ve used it on Twins and it was okay.

That’s an interesting angle. I’m also wary of just buffing things because other things are better, it’s fine to have off meta stuff IMO as long as they have some kind of reasonable niche.

Mostly I’d just really like to feel the impact of RP alt fire and at the moment I don’t. Nothing highlights this more than trying to use it in Chaos Wastes with no control over traits and properties. Even on Legend it feels like a wet noodle when deprived of Hunter and crit power. It just doesn’t feel very good to use overall to me, though I accept that is extremely subjective. I remember running it in V1 for the SV 1 shot build and damn do I remember the feeling of running up to a SV point blank and just blasting him away. Nothing the weapon does in V2 really recreates that feeling for me, and I’m just left with a weapon that feels like I’m kneecapping myself by using the alt fire at all.

There was a time back when the decreased spread talent was a thing, long before Cata existed, where the alt fire did a pretty good job of blowing away a special even at mid range, and TBH that’s the only time I really remember it feeling good to use.

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Repeater/BH was probably the main reason I got into Vermintide 2.
The whole in and out melee playstyle with a big F off hand cannon.

It’s still possible but the removal of Melee reset + Prized Bounty combo probably hurt Repeater Pistol more than his other ranged weapons.

Taking a break now I assume?

ah, ok. gonna keep that in mind



Because we now have a shotgun zealot can use fairly well.

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