Remove blackout and ventilation purge from quickplay

As the title says.
My reasons :

  1. blackout requires specific weapons to be playable, and not everybody has/wants to use recon/normal las rifle, as those are the only weapons with a flashlight. Which leads to infuriating results.
  2. Ventilation purge causes frame drops and headaches (frame drops for my poor poor machine and headaches for my buddy, i didnt experience it myself but my friend says it always make him literally sick) Anyway, we both abhor this game mode and i doubt we’re alone in this.

What these 2 modes lead to is, people selecting quick play and being forced into a mission they hate, so they’ll most likely leave the match, which means 2 times more loading screens. Or they’ll simply get too sick of it and stop playing entirely.

Im not asking to get rid of these modes entirely, just make them NOT appear in quickplay.
And for those that love these game modes, make a dedicated mission thats always available on the mission select. This way EVERYBODY will be happy.
We wont have to leave the game every time we get F over by the quickplay, and people that like to suffer can play it anytime they want.

You’re basically saying, “Fatshark, I’m entitled to all the reward with none of the risk, so give it to me already!” :rofl:

Quickplay gives bonuses, which come at the cost of not choosing your map. If you don’t want to play these conditions, choose a map without them. I don’t get how this is a hard concept. There are days I’m not interested shock troop gauntlet and end up in one anyway - that’s what I get for hitting quickplay, duh.

What??? No. My staves and revolver don’t have flashlights and work just fine. In fact, using a flashlight can be a bad thing.

So don’t play it? Both the modes you mentioned are actually a little relaxing to me as shooters have their vision cut way down (unless you, say, shine a flashlight on them) so they’re less annoying to deal with as you can walk up out of the dark/fog and smack 'em with an eviscerator.


I used to hate blackout but then I found that it affects the enemies too. And it turns out, blackout is easier since roaming gunners can’t really see you until you get very close to them. And no I never run weps with flashlight.


If you don’t want to play those then don’t use quickplay.

Quickplay gives bonus rewards but it is allowed to put you into EVERY mission with EVERY possible modfier

Solved the problem for you

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Some hate high intensity, some hate low intensity, some hate dogs. That’s the danger of quickplay. Don’t use it if you don’t like it.

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No. The entire idea behind quick play is that you’re handing your fate over to play with other people for the bonus of extra money, XP and resources. You shouldn’t get to filter it.

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I’ll be honest, I really just don’t have a problem with either game even when lacking specialized equipment.

Maybe it’s from years of playing missions in Arma 3 with way too much fog and darkness with no NVGs and not enough light but I feel like in 99% of cases it’s very doable.

I will say playing the most high stakes version of “Where’s Waldo” for years has done irreparable damage to my psyche.

I like Blackout but I haye Vent Purge. As OP said its not a mechanical issue, it’s partially a technical one, with frame drops and it starting to hurt my eyes/give me a headache after playing it for awhile. I just auto leave when I get vent purge in QP.

However FS have kind of painted themselves into a corner with this, being that QP is the most efficient way to grind out lottery money.

I never said anything about difficulty though? Its not about the risk, its about it being obnoxious and a chore to play.
So i say again, im not talking about difficulty. The only modifier that i did not win on auric yet is scab melee only and i LOVE to challenge it every time it comes up. Sniper, hounds, mutants, infinite ranged, specials, monsters. you name it, i love them all.
Lights out is not a challenge, its just an eyesore.
I’d have no problem with blackout if everyone had their own flashlight, but body flashlights are too difficult a concept for fatshark to comprehend.

As for ventilation purge, what part of “frame drops” did you not understand? Not everyone here has the money for a nasa level pc and complain about not having smooth 120 fps at all times.
I can have a stable 40 FPS and i never complain. But dont force me to play on a horribly optimized mode.
Quickplay should not depend on what kind of a beefy pc you have

If you think blackout can only be played with flashlights, there’s a difficulty problem for you.

Summary stands: Don’t do QP when those are in rotation if you don’t want to play them. Just choose another mission. 10% extra resources isn’t a huge deal.

Painted themselves into a corner? 10% more plasteel isn’t a big boost.

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