Just got on and ventilation purge is forced on. big sad. make it go away

legitimately, game is not very playable with this modifier. like its severely unfun. i dread it, my friends verbally tell me how sht it is. people are actually playing a different game because of this. pls for the love of the emperor, make this go away. atleast make it jus one map and let the other modifier be hi intensity and/or shock troop. PLEASE @FATSHARK @FatsharkCatfish @FAASDFASDFASDFASFASDHGH


What’s really missing since day one is a mission selection system where players can determine what modifiers (or not) appear for their lobbies.

For Dee’s specific post and my personal view I totally agree with it. Last night I was playing T5 and just didn’t want to play this modifier and the other mission choices where not what I wanted either. Then this morning I started up DT, and just was like not this modifier again.

Tastes obviously vary from player to player, some players can’t do T5 HISTG, where I would play it all day if I could, others just want to play these special modifiers, and others just normal intensity. BUT right now no one has a that choice, and they will just go play another game if they cant play what they want.

Thanks for the latest content, to listen to us, and have a great day :slight_smile:

PS please do something about this cause I hear this from quite alot of players.

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