IDEA: stop taking away hi intensity for ventilation, for dogs, for w/e

we dont wanna play those things exclusively. boring. would rather play vermintide


Man, if only the majority of the player base weren’t going for low difficulty stuff and start complainning a bit so we get a chance for FS to stop ignoring those problems.

Adding a peddle to the tread.

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If crafting wasn’t so stingy people probably wouldn’t have a reason to farm on low intensity damnation.


Big fat rejectshark really doesnt have enough players left in the bank to be ignoring their vocal minority’s extremely minimal requests to have one of 3 top difficulty missions actually consistently cater to their interests.


@NewType +1
i dont want to be forced to specific modifier anymore.

I play heavily with randoms and it is non-sense to play ventilation sniper modifier with randoms when you want to enjoy high-intensity games. My friends quit Darktide because they complaint about to buggy, low content, crappy crafting, no endgame progression and for some of them no cross-play to Gamepass.
All this things are bothering me too but the most important things are currently:

  1. Let us choose the modifiers on our own or make High-Intensity constantly avaible when you want to control the map rotation !!! (Very Important).
  2. Please fix this nasty loading times at the end of a game in the result overview view and afterwards when loading to join back the Mourningstar. It is ridiculous that you have to wait for 30 to 60 seconds before somethings happens and you locked on to this screen without the option to skip.

Looking forward for more People to speak up and that FS is taking action.


You don’t like the mobile game design with multiple 60 second load screens?

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This made me lol. Thank you.


I just play APEX till Damnation + Hi-Intensity + Shock Troop Gauntlet coming up there, looking in Live Mission Board Tracker for Darktide from time to time. So anyway I play what I want but really very very rarely…
I got only one idea, after we wait and bleed, we ask and hoped for more that a half year that devs wich responsible for creating this Mission Board are belong to the streets…

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