Lack of lights out/ventilation purge hazard conditions and rare hi intensity on T5

So Lights out only appeared for a few hours and ventilation purge teice since launch. Everyone i talk to likes these and really only wanna play lights out mainly. Its good on fps too. This game is littered with low intensity T4/T5s. Literally the most unfun thing u can add to an already too easy game.

Let us atleast choose these hazard conditions on mission select w/ a dropdown or something since the game already chooses the maps that we most likely would rather not play anways. Approaching 1k hrs and its unacceptable that i have to wait on these super rare hi intensity T5 matches. Even more unacceptable that lights out was only in beta and launch of this game for a few hrs. Dont turn this into tzeentchian twins where you give is something we really like but dont let us play it in live realm.

Again: Lights Out Hazard Condition is a community favorite and all we get is stupid low intensity all day and hunting grounds.


Rule1:Do not speak for the comunity,speak for yourself
Clearly a lot of people me incluid hate light out while I apreciate high int/dogs.Light out also passively impact a lot of people who has colour recognation problem.I dont know what ventilation purge is,I started to play since open test.
Anyway,Im not opposed to light out condition being aplied but remember,it not NOT a comunity favorite but YOUR favorite and,it should not be whole day long as what happen to low int
Comparing to vt2,light out here would have a bigger balancing issue,since DT is NOT a vt2++,it has a completely new battle system which lead heavily towards ranged combat,combined with what we have about a respawning system which DEEP STRIKE pack of shootgunners and other ranged right on your face,a dh right behind you even you have walked that area already,idk you but wipe due to this with light out will be a bitterness for many people.Its not even a lose,not because of skill or awareness,but because of completely imcompatible chimerical mechanics merged from another completely diferent game with completely diferent concept

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I agree with you about the community. I also understand his point. I think we need more options. Sometimes there are two missions of the same type same difficulty on the list. I only play T5 and sometimes there’s only 1 mission. I cleared it and it’s still there so I have to wait until it resets to play a different mission. What’s the point of randomly rotating mission. I think they want ppl to find a match easily. Maybe they should implement a lobby system like V2 so we can see all the available groups/rooms.

Same here
But Im more into a fast rotation global modification lets say rotating per hour,for more diversity
And instead of copypost incompatible modifications from vt2 they should make new ones instead

cough… in game hours?

yes. all streamed on twitch gameplay. actually like the game somehow

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sorry for the generalization btw. the ppl i talk to also feel the same way. and its alot

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I tried to keep playing consistently (like 1 mission per class when I hop on). Now I can barely scratch out 2 with my main on diff 4 and 5. The mission select system is unfun, having to check weather its grim or scripts is redundant. I imagine the delay in communication will come with a huge overhaul, which means more delays. Im confident the game will be “fixed” but this just dives me deep into a rabbit hole everyone has talked about for the past 50 days so ill stop.

I agree with your points and look forward to lights out again. Lets just say… the Chaos Spawn release trailer IMO is approaching false advertising.

All down to missing basic game features and the present “strange” game design decisions. Where is our freedom to decide what map, what difficulty, what conditions, what secondary objectives we want to play?

Ironically Fatshark claimed in the past they understand their playerbase dislikes randomness/RNG and prefers freedom of choice and decision making.

“DeSiGn InTeNt”

Lights Out finally showed back up in the rotation today. We’ll see how long it sticks around.

I think the main point here is, it would be nice if there was more variety in the mission modifiers that show up. Hight Intensity, Low Intensity, and Hunting Grounds are fine, but I get bored when those are the ONLY options. Keep more options in the rotation. Or… do mini-events where there’s some reason why there are more Hunting Grounds missions and reward players for playing more of those missions. A generator is down - more lights-out missions (and corresponding incentive to play them).

amazing. i wake up and ppl are telling me its already rotated out. literally like last time where it lasts for an hour or two. i missed it and the map is still littered w/ low intensity (i count 3). come on fatshark

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Yeah, it didn’t stay up long lol I’m guessing there was some kind of issue with it, because FS actively responded to bug reports on it and were able to make changes to the condition while it was still live.

Aside from Smelting Complex, where the lighting wasn’t blacked out at all, I made it through a few runs fine.

no i doubt there is an issue. the issue is someone is not there pressing the right buttons. that or there is a bug where it literally lasts an eye blink

Something’s fuky there, the game’s been out for 1500 hours, so that’s 16 hours days, with only 8 hours for sleep AND eating, laundry etc. for 64 days straight since the release of the early access.

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Check his steam profile or twitch activity if you suspect a conspiracy.

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900 hours, so “only” 10 hour days then, but there’s a bunch of hour boosters for steam, and I also had a friend who just left a game running while he went about his day to boost playtime, so it’s not exactly set in stone anyway.
I still can’t imagine playing the same game 10 hours a day for 64 days, even if I believe it.