Rotating conditions is the single worst aspect of the already terrible mission board

I have not had as much fun as I have playing Hi Int Damnation with Shock Troop Gauntlet. These are the only two modifiers me and my group enjoy. I do not want to play dogs, they’re a terrible, boring modifier that makes it so you simply stand behind a wall for a few waves of dogs and then resume normal gameplay. Vent Purge isn’t interesting. Snipers aren’t interesting. Darkness isn’t interesting. Moreover, this is simply my opinion, and someone else might actually really enjoy lights out. Not that it matters, since both of us are equally unable to play what we enjoy until Fatshark says we can, for a limited amount of time only.

Why would you add such transformative modifiers and then lock them away on a timer ? Why would you make me gamble for a chance to play what I enjoy, and literally wait out boring missions for a hope of getting something enjoyable to play ?

The only way for us to have fun will literally not be available this week.


I think about half my attempted play sessions were suboptimal or canceled all together. It was just not possible to play what i wanted last week.

Warframe does not have this problem despite having large numbers of maps to CHOOSE from. The rotating mission board with rotating conditions has failed as an idea. Something else needs to be stood up. I don’t have a good solution on hand so i’ll think on it.

I agree on this topic. Some player agency is sorely needed in this game as there are timers and RNG that ties to too many things. It is not respecting the player’s time.

A suggestion. Allow private parties to make a lobby with their choice of map, difficulty, and modifiers. I think that would be great. Another thing that could compliment and support players to making a “private party” is to make a area in the Morningstar where people can group up similar to “LFG (Looking For Group)” system that many other games have. Having this feature will have the Morningstar be more of an actual HUB.

We already have a lot of people in the Darktide Discord doing LFG, so why not just implement that into the actual game and make it more immersive and interactive.

I disagree on dogs and lights out. However, if devs don’t want to get rid of current map system at any cost and it will never happen than they MUST make something similar to Division 2/Diablo 3 with world tiers, so if i choose t5 world tier, all maps on my screen are t5 difficulty. And maybe t5+ world tier should be a separated one too, where all maps are high intensity. Different conditions must be there at the same time. Make them give no additional rewards let it be just pure challenge and fun. It is still will be far from a perfect system like in classic pve horde games for sure. But we are cursed with GaaS.

But dam look a this, there 16 maps right now, and NONE of them are interesting to me.
Partialy, maybe, it’s so because default t5 are not challenging enough.

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The point of rotating modifiers like this is that certain modifiers wouldn’t get “tossed” by the player base giving them 5-10 or more time to get a team on them. It also prevents easier modifiers with great rewards to become the main farming maps for dockets.

Hi-Int Shock Troop shows the need for a higher difficulty, it isn’t the problem with the rotation of modifiers.

The current modifiers are very different in nature I feel. Lights Out became a totally different game mode where you can actually “stealth” around (I now hate the increased DH spawns even more cos Lights Out would be my favorite game mode if not for them), Sniper map, and the hunting ground are gimmick maps, while Shock Troopers is a hard difficulty increase.

I get this explanation, but it’s kinda strange, cuase DT isn’t some arpg game with real money auction or ingame economy. Itemization and gear progression is simplistic and don’t take long (untill you don’t use gimmicks like locks)

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This is a very good point. Perhaps our problem could be summarized by just rolling these modifiers into something akin to a difficulty six and calling it a day.

I agree with this strongly. I’ve often had the thought that these modifiers would honestly be better most of the time as a surprise counfounding factor that was instantiated at the start of the map or randomly during it. Imagine doing assassination and clearing the midway point only to get a coms link from HQ that the heretics have cut the power and it will be some time before it can be returned. Now you’re fighting your way through the dark.

Maybe you hear a big wooshing noise in the dark and suddenly a bunch of sniper lasers are in the next area and you’re dealing with that when a howling pack of hounds spawns and starts rushing you at the same time. Now THAT sounds fun. But this “pick yer game but only when its allowed” is the exact opposite of that. Its like a weird lie that says you have a choice of what kind of poop creek you want to row down but then doesn’t give you any choices you’re interested in.

Easiest solution:

  1. Never allow 2x intensity modifiers of the same type at the same time
  2. Always have at least one hi-int and one-low int and one standard int mission

But I’m thinking up some cooler ideas I will pitch when I clean them up.

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I do like that and many others also suggested this ever since the last patch. It is a good band-aid fix, but players still need the choice of choosing the map, difficulty, and modifiers. Instead of being locked in one. Something I ran into this week that I highly disliked was when I completed a mission. The SAME mission would be up again but now with low-int or scriptures instead of Grims. The mission board is horrendous at its current state.

I really hope that Fat Shark is working on a solution for this.

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So instead of “tossing” the modifiers I hate, I’m forced to suffer through them or not play the game until fun is available to me again ?

Do you not see the problem with this ?


Currently I play less if there’s boring modifiers on.

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This sound so good. I’d really love to see something like this.

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I do. Do you see the other side of the argument?

I don’t think he saying it’s a good system nor advocating it, just trying to guess why Fatshark made it like this

You can play dumb about this, but DT does have item progression and will have item progression in some way in the future.

I didn’t say there is no item progression. It’s just simplistic, literally 2 weapons and 3 trinkets. Not a Destiny level. They just put shittones of rng and locks in DT, like it is a korean mmo, somehow they forget to add more different activities to grind in that case, there is no dailies even.

Even right now, it is probably faster to farm low intensity for plasteel. I don’t do it, because there is no seasonal wipe, no leaderboard, i can’t see any need to chase resources farming so much except rng they put.

So it’s not me who play dumb, it’s probably devs who does, if they think we can’t see DT not an mmo, but chimera on crutches

You can throw around eastern mmos all you want, but this is an issue in any game with any “farmable” materials. Maybe not for you, but the game shouldn’t be designed around the players who only play for the flow, it’s just a vocal minority (and probably the majority of high-end players).

Based on your example farming low-int is easy and should be changed (less plasteel on it), and currently if you run it with dogs it gives more dockets and better end rewards with 0 added difficulty. A good amount of players in any game will choose to do the easier content that gives more rewards instead of the more satisfying one, and this should be taken into consideration.

To be more specific if something like @Flawless’s recent idea of progression would be implemented (that has it’s own problems apart from the one I’m pointing out now) with the current set up it would be more benefitial progression wise to just run low-int instead of something more challenging (and/or enjoyable).

It already is more beneficial to run low int, due to shorter mission time and higher win rat, no)?
At least when it comes to mats.

Yet, it seems like lots of people play high int because they enjoy it.
High int is more beneficial for getting higher quality items from the mission itself afaik.
That would not change, and i guess since those items (i assume) have a higher chance of having T4 blessings, they would stay relevant.
If they currently do not have a higher chance of getting T4 blessings, they are already not very relevant and again, nothing about that would change.

If you think that there are problems with what i suggested, feel free to elaborate in the appropriate thread, so we can discuss it.

The community manager has already stated, that they are currently trying out modifiers/combinations. The fact that they rotate is therefore by design, but it is also not going to stay that way.

Your issue is that you find all other modifiers boring compared to shock troop gauntlet (and so far I agree), but they gotta collect data somehow and they ain’t gonna change how the mission board works and doing this sort of tryout at the same time.

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One other thing that occurred to me is…i still lose damnation games. Usually because of other players. But they are reasonably hard. But what they don’t do anymore is excite. I never feel that sweaty skin of my teeth experience when playing normal damnation missions anymore. The adreline rush of barely surviving. That’s the neuron activation we’re craving. Damnation is hard enough lose but not intense enough to sweat over.


I think you touched on the point. “At least when it comes to mats.” Current bottleneck for high end gear is dockets and that is far better balanced. Your idea would exacerbate the issue I was talking about (without other loot balance changes).

I only brought your idea because I wanted to point to something that can have the same issue that @weeping.moon liked, to show you don’t have to go the Korean mmo route to find problems like this. I think VT1 had bell as a farming map for example.

Will do, when I have some mental capacity to write a long post. I’ll try to give some constructive criticism and try to add to your idea. Just the first few “this is the best idea ever” replies really turned me off when I first read it.