IDEA: always one low intensity, one high intensity, one vanilla map

this way, everyone can play w/e they want at all times. this way 2 of the same ish modifiers aren’t on at once on any given difficulty


for example. this. low intensity dogs is whack. there shouldn’t be 2


@FatsharkCatfish you guys can do it!


Dude theyve had more than enough feedback about this issue to have had it fixed by now. They clearly can adjust the board manually as shown with guaranteeing the new missions to be on the board at all times, this just proves that they do not care even remotley about making this change.

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that is immeasurably complex to implement

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Diff 1 and 2 are so easy and so basic that they do not really need any modifiers at all. People who play on that diff, are so new to the game that the maps themselves are exciting enough.
1-2 map choices each for diff 1 and 2 should be fine.

For each diff 3-5 it would be nice to always have:

  • 1x no modifier (diff 3-5)
  • 1x low int (diff 3-5)
  • 1x high int (diff 3-5)
  • 1x rotating modifier (diff 3-5)
  • 1x high int + shocktroop gauntlet (diff 5 only)

Low int, normal and high int are good for players to slowly up the difficulties.
A rotating modifier allows for a bit extra diversity.
An always available damnation HI+STG provides difficulty for the more experienced players.

Having these options available at all times, should be limited enough to still allow for groups to form quickly, while still offering a reasonable amount of choices and something fun for everyone, as well as a smooth transition between difficulties.

That said, it would be nice, if new maps that are added in the future, would somewhat even out the distribution between mission types.
Right now, we only have one investigation and one repair mission, which really slows down the progress on some of the mission specific penances.

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