Vent Purge / Blackout - Visual Challenges

I enjoy the gameplay conditions for the most part. However, the Ventilation Purge and Blackout conditions cause specific challenges I have not encountered in my gaming experience (in any other game).

Whenever I try to play the Vent Purge or Blackout conditions, I start getting a terrible migraine and cannot look at any screens or lights the rest of the day. I do not have this experience in any other games I play or any other activities I partake in.

As such, I would love the option to have some customization for the special conditions. I want to opt out of the special conditions that cause me pain so I can enjoy the game without avoiding ALL special conditions. I love the hounds special condition, also.

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You can do that.
Do not queue for the ones that cause you pain.
And if you get into them via quickplay, quit out.
That does not prevent you from playing any of the other special conditions.

Or am i misunderstanding something?

You are not wrong. I also did not mention that I use quickplay, which I do not.

I noticed that the blackout conditions seem to be consistent for periods of time. I am providing feedback that only allowing us to access 1 type of special condition at a time for such an extended period of time seems kind of silly.
Especially given my circumstances. When the conditions I have mentioned are active, there are usually only one or two missions without special conditions available to choose from at the higher difficulties and the missions do not rotate often enough that when I finish one mission, a new one is available. It is the same missions that lack the special conditions.

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Everything about the post?

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I am pretty sure that i have not misunderstood anything that was initially said, based on the information given at the time.

Now that OP has explained further, there are a few new things mentioned, which are not present in the original post at all.

But thank you for your informative input.

Making assumptions is always a sign of misunderstanding lol

Absolutely not, but you do not seem reasonable enough, to be worth arguing with any further.
Aside from that, i do not see any assumptions in my post, which you claim is me misunderstanding the entire OP.

Actually, I have pretty much the same feeling after ~2-3 matches with the Blackout modifier.

Had to stop playing because my eyes started to hurt.

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Same here. No problem with vent purge though

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Yeah I noticed that Vent Purge took longer to affect me, but ultimately caused the same challenges.

Am just disheartened about it