Release green Cadian Flak Armor now

It’s been in the game files since the release.

The game’s dying at your hands Fatshark, and I’ve been waiting for you to finally put the classic green cadian armor in the store (even though any rational player knows you don’t deserve any of the MTX money right now). All recent store rotations were total garbage, and it’s insulting that you refuse to sell this iconic piece of armor and instead put gaudy bum-looking garbo in there.

Let us at least live out our proper guard fantasies before the game has less than 1k players, and I can’t find anyone playing auric or Damnation past prime time. Day 1 player with 1.5k hours btw who suffered through all your BS.



You mean the recolor of the “desert burn” set?


I honestly don’t remember the names of the store sets, but yes, I think they used the flak armored piece once for the red-camo set. It’s not the same though if you know what I mean.


Wait! Please armour the other leg first. Symmetry matters :pleading_face:


I am too lazy to photoshop together the whole set today, so I am only showing off the chest piece, but this is the other set, which was sold a couple of months ago, that is identical to the Cadia set you posted, but with the colors swapped:

The Cadia set is yet another recolor, which has become Fatshark’s (or rather, the Chinese outsourcing company’s) signature.


But… game not dying… is more catered to fan of WH40K

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If you mean fan of the most superficial aspects yes, absolutely. I wish “fan” wasn’t used as it is today, to describe someone who marginally somewhat enjoy something, and who, when pressed about an issue, concerning the very same thing they claim to mildly enjoy, will answer “uuh, well I don’t really care”.


Best they can do is delay typing out some words after 4 months of doing nothing.


Seriously, what the frag is the holdup?


Most likely it’s their strategy to sell weaker looking sets first.

They know they can sell cadian armor anytime, so there’s no point in rushing it.

They will put it in the shop when people stop buying current mediocre sets to boost sales.


Why is everyone on these forums butthurt over virtual clothes instead of the more pressing issue of the game not even working correctly?

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I would face those broken issues happier if I was dressed like an Inquisitorial Stormtrooper :pleading_face:


it’s easier to complain about the skin that I want.

I didn’t experience any performance issues the last time I played. I’m not denying them, just… why can’t we complain about both?


the desert burn is a recolor of the cadian one. Like he said it’s been in the files since launch but never got released


It’s ludicrous that we need to beg, on our hands and knees, for the color green.

Fatshark has no respect for their playerbase. Half the reason their main competitor is succeeding is because it’s such a breath of fresh air, collectively, for everyone here that there’s a 4 plater coop game that doesn’t pull all the horseshit this one does.


I’d say they learned it from Disney, but Disney at least has the “courtesy” to lie to your face and then let their marketing team call you rude names on the internet.

FatShark just babbles in fragmented sentences of varying degrees dubiousness from the couch and occasionally throws things, but in a kinda half-hearted way, like a drunk who is somewhere between the stage of slurring their words and passing out.

You know. As one does.


You want your kasrkin armour to be properly coloured
Sorry best we can do is missing our own deadline for a dev blog by 2 weeks


It makes no difference which one is a recolor because they are all recolors.

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cant we get Dyes as well? something tangible?


We’ve been asking for over a year too
And we’ve yet to be addressed

No fatshark are more set on releasing a reskin of a set that released and was removed shop every 6-9 months because that’s somehow more profitable rather than just regularly selling skins that could be applied to all armours that would literally encourage people to buy more armours because them all being mismatched in colour could literally be addressed and people would have way more freedom to outfit their characters. But no

That would make sense and we don’t do that here.