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well darktide takes place in a hivecity so lots of indoor maps, and 40k in general feels like it would need way more asets, so maybe they outsourced that to some degree, i reckon that is a common thing

Same. I was hoping for 6 choices compared to vt’s 5. The 4 they showed don’t interest me that much except maybe for the Ogryn and priest.

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tencent shell company to launder money maybe?

JUST a speculation :Kappa:

Not surprised about the unnecessary flag, isn’t censorship proving my point? :Kappa:

Company with very little publicly available info on their site involved on a variety of titles? Yeah it’s probably some form of outsourcing.

That or, you know, my op

Level Infinite are a publishing partner who help studios they’re involved with in bringing their games to audiences they’re somewhat unfamiliar with. Not really a role in development, but more on the publishing side.

Edit: they also help with research and have access to some cool technologies that do help production and marketing efforts.


I hope for a Techpriest and Psyker atleast… cross my fingers

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well atleast got your psyker :man_mage:

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