Regarding the Bridge of Shadows and its range/possibilities

I had a thought and wanted to ask what other people thought.

So we know the Bridge of Shadows is present in and around Helmgart. But there’s always the possibility it exists elsewhere. Considering how quickly it allows the characters to travel I’m amazed it’s not more widely used. It would be interesting to find out more about the scope of the Bridge of Shadows network. Additionally, it could be interesting to consider the places it connects to and what possibilities it opens up. Personally, I would love some maps set in places like Kislev, Sylvania, Brettonia, Lustria, etc. Anyway, what does everyone else think? Any thoughts on the scope of the Bridge of Shadows network? Any locations that would be nice to visit, or have import in the end times and would be nice to interact with?

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By introducing bridge of shadows to the game, our heroes could pretty much teleport anywhere. So in theory we could get a Land of Dead DLC for example, with desert, pyramids and Tomb Kings.
But we come back to the important question: What is Fat Shark planning? How are they going to treat Vermintide? Are they planning a bunch of DLCs or separate modules which would extend this game for the future 5 years, or they plan a brand new game, VT3. And if they are planning a third installment, will they maybe introduce Vampire Counts as a possible new enemy faction?
Lots of ideas and ton of material to pick from, I’d really like to hear from them what’s their 5 year plan. I mean, I understand that they’ve learned in a hard way not to promise or talk too much about future content. But they must have some kind of a plan for the next 5 years, and it wouldn’t hurt to see at least some key points of that plan.


I think you nailed it. There’s a ton of options available to them with storytelling at this point. I have a feeling that, if they introduce new enemies (and we are still going with the theme of the End-Times), it’ll be beastmen or some expanded version of Chaos. In generaly, everyone is against Chaos.

This being said, Vampire enemies have a great selection of foes to fight (hypnotized thralls, basic undead, the Grave-Guard, Varghouls, Blood-Knights, all the way up to the super-badass vampires) and would make for a very entertaining slew of battles! I’d love that a lot, actually. I’d also have to say that fighting the Tomb-Kings, while not exactly a good idea during the End-Times, would also make for a great lineup of foes to fight.

I don’t necessarily want a roadmap, but those ‘key points’ you mentioned would be great. It would certainly build hype.


Exactly. I don’t expect a road map, but something like “Ok guys, we are not promising anything, but this is the direction that we would like to take…”

There’s plenty of material and enemies for 3 more games and I’d really like to see beastmen and greenskins.


Oof. Didn’t even think about Greenskins. That would be brutal. Perhaps even going as far as making the gobbos in purple ‘stealthed’.

Again, 100% on the same page wit the direction thing. Either way: lots of love FatShark. Thanks for the good End-Times!

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