Living Dead for Third Game?

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I just completed V1, and Lohner says about the Northmen and the Living Dead
Northmen joined in V2, so in V3 the Living Dead will join the fight?

In the End Times the Undead fight alongside the living against Chaos so this is kind of unlikely. It would be more reasonable to have the Beastmen and Throgg as enemies.


Be kinda cool. Prob does not quite fit with end times lore but Vampire Counts and Undead/Nagash always seem to have their own agenda. Like Vlad(I think it was)stabbing Teclis(I think it was) in the back at some big end times event and messing everything up. Been awhile since I have read the fluff and played WHFB. Working on two Age of Sigmar armies right now because I wanted to get back into table top.

Back on topic: Varghulf could be a pretty sweet mini boss. Crypt horror too?
Vampire lord, Necromancer, and Strigoi King could be event bosses.
Graveguard could maybe take the place of Storm Vermin.
Not sure what could take the place of Chaos Warriors and specials though.
Plenty of low tier expendable units to throw at us though.
Zombies lowest tier.
Skeletons next tier.
Shielded skeletons next.

But before that Nagash unleaches the winds of death upon the world raising the dead every were to cause havoc.

Manfred von Carstein backstabbed Baltasar Gelt leading to the what is essentially a magic overload.


Ah…it was Manfredd! Got ya.
Maybe what I was thinking was Mannfredd backstabs Gelt unleashing the lore of metal into Teclis causing Teclis to “explode” because the lore of metal transferred over to him and he already had to many lores of magic “inside” him in his incarnate “form.”
Does that sound right?

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