Regarding achievements

Well, I could try hushing down the topic but I saw it mentioned in the recent AMA so I thought better giving my own opinion on this no matter how futile it may be in future decision finding for the developers.

First off, this is obviously my own opinion. Other people have different opinions and can express them here, that is the point of discussions. So remember even when i dont always say “In my opinion”, it is just my opinion. Second, I would consider myself an achievement hunter. Not the kind which buys games because they have many or easy achievements but the kind which tries to complete what he bought anyway. Third, yes achievements are optional, we all know that. So don’t try to make any argument with “You can ignore them …”.

Regarding achievements: If no achievement ever is coming to Vermintide 2 I can live very well with that fact and won’t complain. As hunter I can understand though that some people want more than Okri’s challenges. So IF you decide to ever bring in more achievements, please for the sake of sanity do not just copy all of Okri’s challenges. While there are some inside which are worthwhile achievements, there are also a lot which would just be a torture for hunters like the 100 Champion+ matches with the different careers.
Personally, I think achievements based on pure luck or insane grind is something which should not be done. Example for pure luck would be Vermintide 1’s “The Gamester” because you have only miniscule influence. At one point all you can do is hoping for luck and if statistic doesnt like you, you will never get the achievement despite doing your best. This is not a good design. For grind I would say an easy way to check is the time you would need for the achievement alone. The Arrogance Lost achievements in Vermintide 1 need at least 50-100 hours playtime until you are good enough to tackle them. However, the achievements themselves can be done in 20-30 minutes each. That is acceptable. Playing 100 matches as Sienna (three times) will take at least 15-30 hours per achievement. In my opinion, this would be an inacceptable amount of grind and should be avoided. The same for completing every map on Cataclysm with each character. To time-consuming only for the achievement itself if for each character. An achievement for completing them once with any career would be okay in my books. So please, do not just copy Okri’s challenges and kick out the grind heavy tasks as well as to luck based tasks.
Bringing in achievements which “force” an hunter to do something they don’t like like playing 50 hours a character they dont want to (yes, I know achievements are optional, not the point) can also have negative effects as people either complaining or for new players not buying the game because of the heavy grind. IF you bring in new achievements, BE reasonable with them. But like I said, I can live happily with no new achievements for Vermintide 2 very well.

Also don’t touch Vermintide 1 anymore. That one should be finished. I read someone suggesting an achievement for the Lore pages. Like I explained above, that would not be a good idea as it is to grind heavy for a single achievement. Just … just keep Vermintide 1 alone, achievement-wise.


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