Why are Okri's Challenges not Steam Achievements as well?

Title. Okri’s Challenges should be Steam achievements as well. This would make it easy to compare yourself with other players and you could see how many players actually have 200 deeds completed for example.

Why is that not already a thing? :slight_smile:


What about players who have a private profile?

You can’t compare yourself with those Individuals, I see no contradiction there, only a Question without Sense, your Question.


Do you even understand how Steam achievements work?

You can’t see achievements from players if their profile is private. But you can still check a game’s overall achievement status to see how many players achieved which achievement.


As someone who checks literally every steam profile of the people joining my group, I like this idea.

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Thats quite a pathetic reasoning, isnt it? Its basically just asking for an option to compare your e-peen with others.

It’s just to have something to get some more stats and you could showcase them on your profile.

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Huh? All the achievements like “Bring Sienna to 30” are already Okri’s Challenges - why not the other way around?

Vermintide 2 currently has, what, 31 achievements? And you can get 100% in like 50 hours. Wow.

You got a big amount of challenges ingame to complete, how is that not enough? Why do you have the need to showcase on your profile what you “accomplished” in the game?

It seems like you’re the one here that’s proud of the 100% achievements.

This change here would set me back from 100% achievements to like 20%. And I would be very happy with that.

@Fatshark_Hedge Or is this already planned?

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It seems like i am the one who doesnt even care a little bit about steam achievements.


you’re not alone, i absolutely see no point in them, that and the steam card collectable thingos

it’s not like unlocking 100x achievements will get u a new game to play or something (idea eh?)

having 108 achievements show up in v1 with new ones added in each content patch honestly kept me playing longer but im a bit of a competitionist


Main reason is that steam achievements are unsafe. I.e it is possible to get them all through using simple hacks.


So you haven’t implemented them because its possible to receive them via cheating? Thats a pretty bad reason to not use them, if you applied that philosophy to everything in the game we wouldn’t have Okri’s challenges, cosmetics, or red items considering plenty of people are still able to abuse framework and add_item, or do simple network bypasses that make EAC irrelevant and make their own injections. I don’t personally cheat and think it would suck the enjoyment out of any kind of gameplay V2 has to offer, however im still perplexed that FS cares so much about cheating in a PVE game with no leader boards or competitive mode.


is this so hard to comprehend? have you ever encountered cheaters in quickplay? i have. waystalker spamming ults twice every second, running at x10 speed all over the map, clearing everything, does that sound fun to you? if cheating was rampant throughout the game, it would certainly kill a lot of player’s joy in the game and just destroy the credibility of fatshark’s titles - reviews would report it all, and sales would get hit. all the security in place ensures that 99% of the time i can go into quickplay and enjoy a fair game - this is pretty damn important btw.

also, very classy attacking a dev’s response instead of trying to understand the justification. what on earth are steam achievements good for anyway? the fact is they’re low priority, but you seem to be treating them as a critical must-have. okri’s challenges are important because they actually give in game cosmetics which a -LOT- of people have been constantly complaining about (having not much cosmetics).


But how many people actually do this and how much do you care about that?

Making all challenges achievements too would make it possible to actually see how many % of all V2 players cleared the 13 level challenges, or how many actually have cleared all maps on Legend for Unchained, etc.

It would also create goals for people: “If I do X, I’m in the top 0.1%”

I hoping this is a joke, yes I have run into cheaters and did this very simple fix. Vote to kick and or leave, but the infrequency of it happening even during the time that CH was working perfectly (basically till 1.0. 8) how often did this even occur. The people that cheat for the most part aren’t breezing through levels they are giving themselves reds, cosmetics, or unlocks. In regard to sales dipping, I think we have plenty of other issues to worry about beyond cheating.

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Why not both?

Seeing cheaters in a PVE lobby can push players away as well. Don’t just think about the new players, but the players that own V2 and don’t buy the next DLC because of bugs AND cheaters.

Bugs sure, but I don’t believe anyone is hesitant about buying V2 DLCs because of cheaters and if they are, im just going to assume they are an idiot.

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