Make challenges achievements

I’d like to see steam achievements out of every challenge. Aside from enjoying getting them, and being able to watch them through steam, it would be easier to check which challenges your friends are missing, to try and find a group for them.

If, as I hope, this will be done, I have two bits of advice:

  1. Make them retroactive. Have the game check which challenges we have completed or are about to and have them unlock. Most of the challenges are ok, but I don’t look forward to do “play 100 missions or every legend mission with…”
  2. Have steam achievements unlock for people who don’t own the dlc but are doing those through a friend.
    You don’t have to give them the reward, but I think locking the achievement would be a bit unfair.
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Well I’m proposing fatshark gives achievements to guys who have done the challenges, not the other way around, so I really don’t see how that is a problem

Well I think to say that they do not want this just because some people can give themselves all achievements in steam (not in game) is really weak. But Hedge also said that getting them to work can also require quite some work.

I can understand that, but I’d still like to see something, if not all of them. I enjoy a lot trying to get full achievements in games I’m very fond of, and as I said before, being able to have more information about them would be a nice functionality

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