Please, add Okri's Challenges as Steam Achievements (Like on consoles)

It makes no sense to keep achievements “in game” only for the sake of tracking and bragging rights.
Especially when consoles have them as trophies ( Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Trophies • ).

As the PC is kinda the “core” of the players here, it could be great to get more advanced stats for comparison purpose, even for providing feedback.
Also gives more to do for achievements hunters (as I see them regularly in the french community).


It’s a slippery slope. I know at least one person who’d be pissed if Okri’s Challenges were added as achievements, just because of how annoying some of them are to get, and I’d imagine there are many more out there.

I also believe adding additional achievements after the fact is kind of weird. Like, you 100%'d the game once, but now you have to do it again, and some of the achievements will take considerably more effort? No thanks!


It’s not. For every decision in the game some people won’t be happy, some people won’t care and some people will be happy.
The fact that we do not have pissed people in consoles for thoses trophies shows that it’s not really an issue.

It happens often on others games without any issue.

Alternative solution : Just get the same trophies that are currently on consoles. Thoses are not the most annoying ones.

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On the contrary, some people do tend to get upset because of having to 100% the game again after thinking they were done with it. It’s more about achievements getting added after the fact rather than the difficulty of obtaining them - that’s just an extra hurdle if 100%'ing the game takes considerably more effort than it did in the past. Had the difficult achievements been a part of the game since the start, there’d be no problem.

And some people wants more achievement added. And are kinda annoyed by the lack of thoses achievements, and goes to another game.

But there’s still the alt solution of copy pasting the SAME achievements that are right now on consoles and that are not the most annoying ones.

I don’t really see any need to change the existing system, but wouldn’t be opposed to expanding the achievements as long as the Seasonal challenges from weaves was NOT included. This would be guaranteed to annoy late comers that are motivated to do achievements. All this seasonal content should be removed from Okri’s challenges after the season ends for the same reason, just like the event frames are.

Also achievements for DLC careers shouldn’t be included in steam achievments. It’d just be viewed as a cynical marketing move.

And at the bottom of that slope are games like Payday 2 :rofl:


I wouldn’t mind some new achievements as long as it stops at a reasonable number.

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I don’t push for payday 2 achievements (even if I don’t think it’s actually bad for the game, given the players number), but we kinda can mirror ps4 trophies here which are far from it.

There was no ps4 trophies back then. (I’ll also keep bringing back that topic as long as I find new people asking for it)

From my point of view, yes, but only if these conditions are met:

  • they must be retroactive: if I have already completed X Okri’s challenge, just give me the achievement;
  • weaves must be excluded

Sure do as you please. Just wanted to remind the developers that we have discussed this to death already, so there is not much change to be expected.

As for consoles, I am pretty sure the only reason FS is doing that because they are bound by contract. Don’t know about PS but XBox does require each DLC to have new achievements.

Example of others topics that were discussed to death with devs : Weaves, Craft system, Convo of decay final event.
Doesn’t mean the discussion must stop, even if you disagree with the original idea (no worries your point has been repeated as the first answer here).
Doesn’t also mean it’s a bad idea or that this should not change in the future.

Totally agree.
Weaves aleady don’t count in Okri’s challenges and of course limited time achiev makes no sense.

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100% agree. Their original argument on why Okri Challenges weren’t on Steam was because it would be too much work, but clearly the console version disproved that.

I’ve actually talked to FS about why this isnt a thing and the answer is that steam achievements are easily spoofed so, they felt like it wasnt something they wanted to add.