Why are Okri's Challenges not Steam Achievements as well?

this game have more bugs than cheaters


I agree here. I think FS became so obseessed with “cheating&hacking” that they don’t implement a lot of good solutions in game (and decided for EAC) just in fear of few jerks who will cheat in game.

I play in V1 for 500h and during that I have encountered maybe a 3-4 obvious hackers (spawning potions everywhere, teleport, insta win with 6 grims etc.). I simply left game.

In V2 it seems that FS became obsessed with cheaters for god know what reason and a lot of quite good ideas/solutions can’t be added “because cheaters hur dur”.

This is not even PvP game…


I guess the devs saw how PUBG took a hit from all the cheaters and decided to make things a bit different. To me, Fortnight is only that successful because PUBG didn’t address their issues quickly.

funny and jet again some players did unlock all on moded realm and have it on official realm.
so in the end this steatmen makes no sense

And there are still working trainers for The game.
So EAC sucks in every way.

  • More steam achievements NOISE
  • Nope
  • Yes but low priority

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It seems I’m not the only one who read that and immediately jumped back to my thread here. Thank you.

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