Refunding items from the Commodore's Vestures

I think that there should be an option to refund items bought from the commodore’s vestures as I myself have bought sets that I regret buying.


If anything you shouldn’t need to use a mod to see if a cosmetic looks OK on your character. I learned the hard way that some cosmetics just look weird on some types of characters. This particular mask I have in mind looks like it is floating in the air around my character’s face.

I think you should be able to get a refund for say 2 hours after purchase. Sounds reasonable?

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Hilarious, they are not obliged to pay u back for your bad decisions.
What should be there is an actual proper cosmetic preview on exactly your character.

“Ha! Look at you, dingus, making poor decisions. It’s your fault you’re unsatisfied with the game!”

proceeds to enumerate exactly why it’s the game’s fault, and not the player’s

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Seriously? If this was anything but a digital storefront allowing refunds is typically mandated by law. Since you also admit that a preview is missing maybe you should be a bit less strung up about this.

But I don’t know… maybe the cosmetics broke in shipping.

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Yea, the game has its problems, but it’s you who decide to spent not taking those problems into account eh?

You can say “it’s your fault you trusted a dishonest person” but that doesnt alleviate that somebody lied about something. Yeah, mayne i shouldnt have taken somebody at their word but that doesn’t mean it’s fair to sit on the sidelines and chuckle at everyone else for being chumps.

At that point, it’s less “hahaha, all of you suck” and more “hahaha, i’m smart for not buying in.” If you wanna advertise yourself like that, don’t be so roundabout or maybe do it somewhere else.

I bought some cosmetics too, but i like how it looks bcuz i was not being lazy to do some research on how it gona look exactly on my character, but thats another question.
For now i just enjoy breaking someone’s “pink glasses” and u cant stop me. Huehuehue

I never said anything about getting money back, I simply wish to get my aquilas back .

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