Just as a note, premium cosmetics cannot be refunded. Add it to the list why this horrid shop system is anti-consumer

I purchased the zealot cosmetic with my imperial edition aquillas (this was definitely a poor purchase, but I can’t refund it so…what else am I going to do) because the crazy scripture top does look cool. After purchasing it, I saw that the scriptures on the sides float to the side super awkwardly while running and it looks super goofy and lame. My arms constantly clip through them, and half the time during the mission ready screen or loading in the ship, the texture doesn’t load and looks terrible.

If I were to have purchased this with real money, I’d be quite upset because this just isn’t up to par with how much it costs. What’s premium about this? I asked anyway if they could refund me the aquillas, but I saw on the FAQ that they currently cannot refund.

…what? In what world is the game in a state where you cannot refund items with in-game currency? Pile this on top of the entire anti-consumer nature of this paid shop. It’s so disappointing seeing them go from a super fair method of doing paid cosmetics in VT2, to intentionally move to this garbage, anti-consumer method.


Games almost never do this. Don’t know why you expected them to do that.


Really? I don’t buy premium cosmetics usually in games but I’d have assumed that you could refund if the quality was lacking.

The only time I paid for cosmetics was in VT2 and was always happy with how they worked so never came up.


Lol why should I ever purchase any item from these people if it might end up looking awful and I can’t refund it?

And I’m sure letting you preview the outfit on your character before you buy it would be “immeasurably complex”.


That’s the point of the premium currency, it’s one of those legal loopholes in countries that have return laws.




Can he expect a cosmetic premium item to, oh I don’t know, be properly implemented?


I’m sure the devs will look into it if you report the bug/issues you’re having with your cosmetic purchase.

That’s not correct. If it’s done through steam’s store you can request a refund. Same with any other DLC item that you buy on the platform. Navigate to steam support. Request a refund. Write a ticket explaining your dissatisfaction. Example:

Then wait to see if they give it to you. As long as you adhere to their policy regarding refunds, they usually give you your money back.


It’s not DLC. It’s an in-app purchase.


Yes, I am aware. However, there are games that sell their skins, cosmetics, or whatever through steam. So far we’ve had no benefits transitioning to an in-game shop. Both Vermintide games sold their cosmetics through steam as DLC. Which meant you could refund them. You can’t do that here. That’s my point: that it’s anti-consumer.


For the price these skins you’d think clipping issues would have been resolved but no. It’s pure contempt.


That’s DLC, not in-game microtransactions with premium currency.

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I’d list its mere existence as ACP.

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Those were free.

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Still premium skins, doesn’t matter if people got them with their “free” aquilas.

It’s not steam DLC. You are wrong.

Now I’m curious, amuse me, what is DLC?

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So, you issue a false statement.
Even when told so you just rant some more.
And then insult who corrected your erroneous fact.

Good luck.

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