Option to refund cosmetics you bought in the Commodore's Vestures shop

You can’t preview how a cosmetic will look on your character until you have bought it. The preview is just a faceless hologram. So an option to refund the purchase within an hour would be nice.


No Returns, No Refunds, No Guarantees

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I agree. I am well pee’d off atm. I wanted to buy just the cleaver skin for the Ogryn (which I selected) but instead it charged me for the entire bundle so I have just lost 2400 aquilas instead of 300. I wanted to be able to have it refunded.

That would fall under the: It is “ImMeAsUrAbLy CoMpLeX” to add single purchase items and 1:1 bundles.

They won’t refund you, because as they say; Their new and “improved” technologies are simply too complex to do so.

Yadda yadda yadda - more crap… More crap… Then a lot more crap.

In short, they don’t want to let you refund or anything else that is considered consumer friendly, because they want to milk you of your money.

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When you click on a bundle it lists the individual items in that bundle and their prices so you think you are saving money by buying the bundle rather than each item individually. IIn my case I actually wanted one item which I clicked on and it purchased the bundle.

Wish you could preview it too.

I bought the cheap psyker head circlet thingy assuming that I would be able to keep my hair and use it at the same time. Nope. Now I look ugly as hell. Welcome to 40K.

feeling pretty bitter, went to buy cosmetics for the first time, and wanted one bundle (only got a piece) and one piece (got the bundle). Needless to say, I got burned super badly. It was like the shop did that to me on purpose…

I made the same thread a while ago, and a bunch of people ridiculed me saying that other games with paid cosmetics don’t allow refunds so why should we be allowed here

As if that’s any argument. You can’t preview the cosmetics on your character. They often have clipping issues. They often change how your character looks - either by removing hair, or, by literally changing the shape unreasonably. One of the chest cosmetics for female veteran changes the torso to a male one. I was told “this wasn’t a bug” but it’s outlandish how stupid it looks (tiny female head on huge male torso)

The cosmetics are bad, they know they’re bad because they don’t let you preview it, and they have a flat “no refund” policy so they don’t have to deal with how bad their cosmetics are.

They know what they’re doing. And it’s gross. Either put a higher degree of QA on your cosmetics, or allow refunds.