Recommend me something in the steam sale

Hit me up with your bodacious hidden gems that are on sale!

Vermintide 2 is alright.


Worms Armageddon. 20-year-old game, and still fantastic.

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Best played with friends, hot screen.

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Yep, hotseat ftw. Some of the fun memories: 9 wins, cumulative weapons, hardly anything to start with, two friends and a CPU (and of course, the CPU got to something like six wins before any player as we concentrated on each other - and a couple more out of spite).

Unless you’ve bought it already considering it is a 7 year old game and it’s already been talked about to death and back, I highly recommend Spec Ops: The Line.

It is a cover-based third-person shooter with one of the best stories I’ve seen in videogame history - exploring the horrors and atrocities of war, not unlike Warhammer.

Unlike Warhammer, however, Spec Ops: The Line is real life.

If this sounds even slightly interesting to anyone, don’t read up on it and just buy it. The experience is highly amplified by going in blind, and considering it’s only 4 Euro, I’d say it’s a steal.

The graphics are sub-par (even for a 2012 game), the controls are clunky, the gameplay is repetitive, and the multiplayer is dead.

But the campaign and the story alone makes it worth it.

A game like Vermintide 2 might have you playing for days, but a game like Spec Ops: The Line will have you thinking for days.

Besides that, there’s also the Darksiders games. You can buy the first game for just 4 Euro and the second game (including all DLC) for 6 Euro. Some solid hack-n-slash RPGs right here for a decent price.

Oh, and you can also pick up Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for 5 Euro if you just want a memefest fustercluck.

If you don’t already have it, get “ DEEP ROCK GALACTIC” it’s an amazing co-op game that is 33% off right now for $22.77 Canadian… honestly, just get it.


Speedball 2 HD

Playing it since Release. It’s cool. But you really need voice chat for more fun.

Plus one for Rock and Stone, helluva fun game.