Steam Summer Sale Best Deals edition

With Gaben making another assault on my wallet, what’s the best deals going in this summer sale? What are you looking to get? Any hidden gems?

Help me get in spectacular trouble with my wife for spending idiotic amounts of money on GREAT DEALS!

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Hm. Didn’t bother running through the whole catalogue, and I haven’t seen anything really interesting offers despite 4/5 of my wishlist being on sale. I did notice the Borderlands: Handsome Collection being on a huge, 94% sale, though. Borderlands is one of my favourite series…

Besides, it’s hard to give any recommendations without any kind of idea what to look for.


Yeah Borderlands saving something like 177 quid for the entire bundle is a bit extreme. I was hoping someone could point me towards games that are swamped in the deluge of offers but are awesome savings.

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Hell yeah dude. There’s some great titles like…

Pro Cycling Manager 2015.

O- or Pro Cycling Manager 2016.

Pro Cycling Manager 2017?

Ooh! I know! Pro Cycling Manager 2018!

(It has “pro” in the name so you know it’s a good one)

Sadly, the old classic, Pro Cycling Manager 2014 didn’t make the cut. Today is truly a day of sadness.

Edit: Holy frick guys. Pro Cycling Manager 2019 just came out.

This is truly epic gamer moment.

Bottom text

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If you haven’t already picked up the Witcher 3 and the DLCs for it, I can’t recommend those enough.

They Are Billions is a fantastic, brutally difficult strategy game that I’ve been enjoying the heck out of.

Vermintide 2 is a great game ( :wink: ) and everyone should have it

One Finger Death Punch and OFDP 2 are both hilarious and it makes me happy and is a super simplistic game for the spam-clickers of the world.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a whopping 40% off and no one should pass up on it; DOS2 is one of the best systems for adventure RPG gameplay, full-stop!

American Truck Simulator.



Maybe Kingdom Come: Deliverance with all DLCs. Quite cheap at the moment.
But it still has gamebreaking and very frustrating bugs. Don’t know yet…maybe not…

But I would love to go for a great RPG with an even better story.

I’ve not played it but been told it handles like a moose that’s had a brain transplant with a hippo but its antlers are also made of solid rock.

Can you confirm or deny this?

I just might treat myself to Starwars Battlefront 2… the good one

Oh and for anyone looking for more co-op games I can highly recommend Deep Rock Galactic

Rock and Stone!


I have been playing a lot of kingdom come lately and it is actually pretty good, the bugs are there but I would not say the game is super buggy anymore.

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I’m a huge fan of Total War: Warhammer II, but of course not a fan of the price–they bleed you dry on DLC. But it’s worth it; I’ve enjoyed 906 hours on that game, which eclipses the 500 hours I’ve spent on Civilization. If you don’t have it, get it. You also need Total War: Warhammer (the first game) to utilize the sequel to the fullest; it unlocks the Mortal Empires campaign.

I also picked up Hitman super cheap. I’ve been wary to get it because I liked Hitman: Absolution best and it sounds like Hitman is more similar to Hitman: Blood Money. But the price for all the episodes was irresistible.

Lastly, I picked up some more DLC more Cities: Skylines and I’m tempted to get PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.


Welcome, @TrenchaunT! I totally agree; TW:W2 is absolutely fantastic. There’s just nothing quite like watching Durthu smoosh an entire regiment of Beastmen with his massive sword and nothing quite as articulate as a Heavens Mage dropping a comet on some poor sap :smiley:

@TheLiquor well, at least they’re getting on the bugs! I’ve also been told the controls make you want to tear your keyboard to pieces; confirm or deny?

I have not had any problems with the controls so far, I have about 70 ish hours in it and have not had any major issues yet. One thing I learned is alway do side quests as you get them because a lot of them are timed in some way so only start new ones if you can do them right away.

The combat feels great but quickly falls apart when you get outnumbered so a bow can be handy to even the odds.

I would say Kingdom Come is worth a buy if it’s on a good sale.

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Ok, thanks for your input! So it’s not super buggy but still very buggy? For me it is really bad when the game literally deletes a couple of hours of progress, just because of an awful saving mechanic that forces you to play around to avoid several glitches and actually play it “right” so you don’t encounter those. I hope you understand what I mean!

The most notorious bug seems to be, that at a specific amount of playtime your game performance level decreases to a point where it is unplayable. I have spent quite a time at Warhorse Studio’s forums and read about a lot of displeasurement there which denied my financial support of this game.
Meaning: I don’t have it and I’m quite anxious to buy it because of it’s game breaking bugs.
Would love to though because the setting and atmo seem to be very immersive and colourful!

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Can’t confirm neither deny any of this. I don’t have it, but your metaphorical description of this game seem to amuse me and generate some sort of distance to this release.
I’m quite uncertain about buying. Maybe it’s best to wait another year…

Half Life 3

It’s very buggy in the way of textures, clothing and armour popping in a lot (some cut scenes can be funny as they start with a head just floating around till the body loads in) and enemy ai can some times act funny, rarely they will stop tracking you all together but I have not had any major issues that have made me lose playtime as of yet.

Another issue is some of the load times are a bit on the annoying side, like eating from a pot or washing in a wash tub can some times take 20 ish seconds.

The combat is great but falls apart if you get more then 4 guys vs 1, but sneaking and shooting a few with a bow can fix this.

The save system in the game can be annoying as well but you can get mods to bypass it if you want.

The story, music and setting of the game is what I really like, towns feel lived in and look nice. The woodlands and county side are also very well done.

I have had a pretty good time with it so far so I’d say for 20 bucks it’s worth a try if you like the idea of a realistic rpg game set in 1404 with no magic, dragons or skaven :skaven:

But this is just my opinion of the game from 74 hours play time so take it with a grain of salt.


Universe Sandbox /Checked and m8

If you haven’t played it yet, Hollow Knight. That game is beautiful and a really fun platformer with a great feel. And if you like dark, moody games, Dark Souls, of course. All of them.

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