Rebuff Thrust (Slightly) on Ogryn Club and Cleaver

Thrust already does a lot of damage on weapons like the Thunder Hammer or Chainaxe where its damage becomes insanely multiplicative with its special ability.

It does very little to benefit other weapons with no additional bonuses. Ogryn clubs already struggle to stay relevant outside of other options, and while I personally enjoy taking some of my clubs out on a mission from time to time, Thrust being reverted to its intended damage made me realize how little DPS I get out of the blessing.

Suggested Changes:

  • Increase damage to +35% per stack, OR
  • Increase rapidity of stack gain by ~50%

This pushes the damage to 2.05x per full stack swing and allows it to kill faster as a result of charging heavies. This virtually halves the time to kill with full stacks at the risk of being staggered out of the swing, missing, or hitting another enemy other than your intended target.

Or this increases the rate at which you can gain stacks and effectively does the same thing without giving Ogryn so much power per swing that they can effectively kill Crushers by themselves.

Considering the activation time of Thrust and its damage multiplication as intended (1.6x damage on a single heavy), it ends up being the same amount of damage over roughly the same amount of time.

From timing my fastest kills on a Damnation/T5 Crusher in Meat Grinder:
~6.16 seconds to kill a T5 Crusher with no stack swings
~5.54 seconds to kill a T5 Crusher with full stack swings

Give or take the amount of human error in these quick tests, the blessing actually is mediocre and other options end up being far more effective for making a difference.

This also does not account for error in a real scenario where your heavy may end up hitting a different target first. Putting so much effort into a single heavy just for the kill time to be virtually the same compounds this issue significantly.

The club I am using for reference:


Definite agree, it should vary depending on the weapon. Clubs need that heavy attack love badly.

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