Rebalance Patch 5.2. - Feedback

BH nerf with no changes to temp health gain

No buffs to the repeater pistol

Maybe next decade. Changing variables is hard work.

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Eh…rather than nerfing boss damage, I rather they specifically just boosted the CD of the double-stab instead. This is better for consistency and readability.

Nerfing the boss damage punishes the player if for whatever reason they miss the first or second hit which feels reeeaallllyyy bad.

Also they should straight up rework the movespeed one into something actually useful. Like maybe a significant cooldown reduction upon killing elites/specials/monsters or something

Yup can 100% agree. If OE Bardin has 1 teammate fending off that pesky melee enemy behind you, he can shine!

If Bardin is ignored by the team and everyone is scattered doing their own thing, which is fine, he can struggle and get stuck in. He is becoming my favorite class!

I do think that the extra bombs lean him towards being a little overpowered.

That was also prepatch the case. Imo they overtuned him.

Honestly, I don’t think I understood the logic… if you missed one of the two hits, you would be penalized exactly like now. Also because, considering that the ult only becomes dangerous for the bosses when you can spam it with some potions, I don’t think missing a hit would be that serious

Plus the double hit blade isn’t only about bosses killing

Anyway this is an interesting topic. In fact you highlighted two important aspects

miss the first or second hit which feels reeeaallllyyy bad

Regarding missing a hit with the double bessed blade, for me it would be important to reduce the push effect against bosses

I mean, it’s definitely good stun the boss, otherwise you wouldn’t have a way to chain the second hit… but the push effect is so strong that sometimes, more often than I would like, you push the boss out of your own range and so you miss

The stun must remain, but the stun should be a little weaker

rework the movespeed one into something actually useful

Furthermore, again in my opinion, more than the bonus, should be reworked how the base blessed blade works… I mean: the single vertical slash is useless. We could also rework the talent and replace the movement speed with +99999% power for the entire match… the talent would obviously be OP, but the slash itself would remain useless

The default blessed blade should be the horizontal slash… and you, through the latest talents, should be able to choose whether:

  • add a second hit, high damage against single target (the current Virtue of Audacity);
  • add a bonus (the current Virtue of the Impetuous Knight);
  • a new talent perhaps for a more defensive option (activating it now creates a bit explosion of stagger; or activating it gives 2 seconds of invulnerability, etc etc)
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I was responding to a post saying the damage should be nerfed while reverting CD change.

I’m saying that’s a bad change because it turned the double hit talent from a legitimate bonus to one where you must land both hits otherwise it’s a straight up nerf.

Hypothetically if we took the damage reduction suggestion and landed it to a nerf of 70% damage per hit, so that both hits combined leads to a 140% damage bonus, missing a hit means your Blessed Blade would only deal 70% of the damage you’d have dealt without the talent. Which patently feels terrible.

Patently untrue. Even without being spammable, the damage is quite considerable even in Cata, not to mention it’s also a consistent CC against the boss which in turn both frees up pressure and allow the team to press more DPS. The double stab is a drastic DPS increase, and still is post-nerf.

This is like saying BH’s double shot is only dangerous when it’s spammed, which obviously isn’t true

Again this is a hard disagree as the default blessed blade is a high damage and consistent low range nuke. The problem is that movespeed talent being one in which people would never use under any circumstance because it’s overshadowed by the other two. Maybe what it could add on top of the movement speed is the trampling effect of Shield of Faith as a more defensive option. Or some kind of 3-hit damage reduction if it hits something.

Thanks for the answer but I still disagree

This direction really needs to give players a better and finer control over bots then.

Like something as basic as “guard this targeted location” to individual bots

Because you sure as shyte ain’t getting any of that from your typical human player