Re-rework veteran?

What’s wrong with the Infiltrate?

I’ve rolled pretty good Infantry Lasgun XII and was trying to make it work with Exec’s Stance. The fact that my build revolved around ranged playstyle and at the same I was in many missions forced to play rather melee given the circumstances, it was kind of frustrating. I tried really hard but it just didn’t work.

Then I tried version with the Infiltrate and honestly that was the answer! You’re happily shooting and when something bothers you you just disengage, relax, reload your weapon, reposition, mark next target with the Focus Target! and when you’re ready to engage again you have the Marksmen and Surprise Attack waiting for you when most enemies just ignores you.

It might not be the most team friendly build but if it allows you to do what you’re good at, it definitelly contributes to the team effort and it’s the closest thing to the sniper like build I’ve tried so far.