Shroudfield help up Service

Can’t speak for others, but I’ve never been dropped by an aggro dump directed my way. I have on the other hand dropped my psyker friend multiple times (sometimes on purpose).

My distaste for stealth is that most people can’t use it responsibly especially for PUGs, and there’s still risk even in the hands of skilled players.

Kind of mean spirited, and the encapsulation of why I think stealth is bad. Every counter argument eventually comes to this one line in some shape or form.

If they can’t handle it it’s their problem. You made your problem theirs then hit them with a “lol, skill issue”

I think it’s fine in premades as I’ve mentioned before in other threads. Fcking over friends on purpose can be part of the fun, but not strangers who don’t consent to that bullshttery.

Name any other combat ability that actually has a potential negative. The rest only have upsides outside of just straight up whiffing and putting them on CD without doing anything with it, but that can be applied to stealth as well.

Even the most responsible Infiltrate user will eventually get someone dropped. Maybe not the case for Shroud.

I’m not going to fully retread what I’ve covered previously.

You can go there if you think my opinions are worth a crap.

Or don’t. People usually have their minds made up from the word go. I at least came to my conclusions through testing even if I am militant about them.

EDIT: Words are hard.

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