Infiltrate breaks on successful revive?

A user on Reddit just informed me that Infiltrate apparently drops/breaks at the end of a successful revive/rescue. Does anyone know if this is intended behavior?

Their video showing the behavior:


I am the veteran in the video and I strongly believe getting someone out of a net didn’t break stealth but I could be wrong.

It’s fair game if stealth breaks when reviving but helping a trapped player should not break it.

Otherwise if you swing and press stealth it doesn’t break ur stealth works with guns too. Kinda neat to have a grace period.

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I’d rather nothing short of an attack breaks stealth.

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That’s so unintuitive and dumb my word.

OP said it worked from Patch 14 but seemed to break in 15, so I’m hopeful it’s a bug! In truth, I have not noticed it personally, but this video looks cut and dry. And I’ve since found others mentioning it in the official Discord.


Isn’t that always been the case? I think it’s pretty fair anyway though.

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It was a gut feeling it didn’t break but same with saving a player from a trapper net I feel certain it didn’t break.

I don’t have a clip of it tho so I might be wrong revive wise. Can’t proof the trapper net thing tho.

LOL apparently it borks sprinting too, and suppression.

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The sprinting thing is unfortunate, but all I’ve seen it do is momentarily drop sprint (if you were sprinting), which is quite annoying. But then you can sprint again.

The suppression part…well, I never even perceived that happening, so I’m not currently missing it. But it’d be great if it worked!

I maaaaay inclined to agree because reviving/rescuing is such a high-value action. However, if it’s intended, the tooltip really does need to say it.

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Tbf Fatsharks Tooltipps have to be taken with grain of salt :rofl: it might sound it does xyz but it works different :nerd_face: typical fatshark

Yeah, it should’ve been in the tooltip for sure.

This game already have so many unexplain stuff that player have to work out by themself. Like the rending/brittle stuff or the fact that Veteran can aim over cover while crouching.

sprinting 110% breaks when activating stealth lmao it feels like I have to shout at my pc to get my character to do anything because god forbid I can press a button while still moving without being stuck

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Excuse me, what?

Yeah, if you ADS while crouched behind short cover you go up high enough to poke over it.

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Tested it and it works and works dynamically no less, and yes it seems like a Vet only thing. WTF? I always played Plasma and Brautos mostly, but I can’t believe I missed this. Is this new? Was it always in the game?

It was there after release, not sure if it was in the beta.

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I only noticed it after patch 14 and thought it was new ^^
Thank you for clarifying.

The decloak after revive was definitely there in 14, I believe also 13. That the character stops sprinting for a second I believe to be an acknowledged bug.
And yes, the aiming over cover was part of the unique class benefits of which only that and the Ogryn’s dmg resistance/extra wound survive.

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To be fair, using stealth to rez someone is big. Totally in line that stealth gets broken after a successful revive.

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