Ray-tracing Performance

CPU: intel 12900k
GPU: EVGA 3090
RAM: 32GB DDR4 3333MHz
DRIVE: 4th Gen M.2 WD Black

Running all settings on high, except;
DLSS - performance
Motion blur - OFF
Dept of field - OFF

As title says, if I attempt to use ray-tracing at all, my FPS runs most consistently at ~45-50.
Occasionally will hit periods of running around ~75-90, then return to average.

Doesn’t seem to matter which ray tracing quality used, low and high both give same FPS.

With ray-tracing off, FPS is 100+ at all times (120 Lock)

Same experience.

AMD 5800X3D, 64GB DDR4, “only” a 3070ti but outcome is same.
With all Raytracing disabled ~110-120 FPS, as soon as I turn on any RayTracing Feature it goes down to 40-50 FPS.

So raytracing off it is for me currently.