Performance is good, but is ray tracing working?

I can do 1080p/135 fps average/high graphics settings with my i5-12600K OC and RX 6900 XT OC. Ray tracing is turned on, but I am surprised it runs this well if it is actually on. So, this is a question for the developers, is ray tracing working with the RX 6000 series GPU’s? I care very little about ray tracing, but I would still like to know.

I think that it is ABSURD that this game runs at half the frame rate of other games at 1080p, so it requires a high end pc just to run it well at a non-demanding resolution. If you do not have a high end pc, then you might as well refund this game because the performance relative to well optimized games is so bad. In example, I get an excessive 265 fps average in back 4 blood which is a similar type of game which came out 1 year ago.

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