Rapier stabbing dmg

Before the recent patch, i was able to 1 shot (light charged) stab a clan rat. now i cannot.

I am aware that there is a 10% hp increase for all legend mob. I’ve picked a +10% skaven trait on my sword and i’m still unable to 1 shot them (was +crit% +attack speed)

is the rapier doing less dmg now :o?

edit: ok i’ve put +10% to infantry on me trinket (was +vs skaven +vs chaos, now it is +infantry +skaven) and i still cannot 1 shot clan rats :V?

also when i say 1 shot, i mean body shot stab.

Are you max level?

uh i’m lvl 35, with 650 power level. is that the power cap ?_?

Just wanted to make sure. You could try with the talent that increases power lvl but I’d say that the rats have been buffed from what they were.

ya for some reason the clan rats are alot tougher atm. infact i’ve 1 shot goat people and cant 1 shot clan rats in the belly. wat is this bollocks >:V?

that or me rapier is doing less dmg ?_?

Patch notes say
" Rapier

  • Increased dodge range and speed from 1.2 to 1.25 multiplier

  • heavy: Increased damage for stab to 0.29 (from 0.25) and charged stab to 0.55 (from 0.45). Increased crit mod vs armor to 0.75 on both and non-crit vs berserker mod to 1.0 (was 0.75)."

So it should be even stronger than before but seems the mobs were buffed even more.

The stabs for me are fine and I’m not at lvl 35 with Saltzy yet, but the slashes feel weaker unless I get headshots.

you can body stab clan rat and kill them on legend? non crit stabs.

i was doing it before this patch. the light stab, not the charged up one.

I will agree the non charge attacks seem much MUCH weaker, and I’m only playing Veteran to get a feel for new perks and gameplay.

Champion player here feel the same. I usually be able to one shot Stormvermin and clan rats, now it feels like they refused to die. I had to switch to A&F.

If I remember correctly, during the closed beta. Clan rats had much higher HP, like, way more XD It was around Chaos unit levels.

I can’t remember numbers and the closed beta forum is sealed. So I can’t go back and look. I think you need to stagger them now, then attack.

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uh … wat was the reason for a puny small clan rat to be as tough as a nurgle chaos unit. is fatshark doing watever they want with no rhyme or reason (again >_>…)?


Maybe go for headshots with a headshot weapon? Bestiary has updated values which I think are correct (it just has some error messages when receiving damage from any source that isn’t an enemy or hitting banners)

the problem are the clanrats I think…I play a lot with rapier…and yes clanrats are harder to kill than gors or marauders…

SV die from one headshot without stagger if you play with WH and tag them…but the little cunts cannot be tagged…

sv dies without tagging too. just over charge rapier and stab them in the face. the clan rats are just annoying now i cant 1 shot them :I

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iirc clan rat hp were almost doubled for god knows what reason, so there you go.

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Clan rat hp went from 15 to 26, fanatic hp went from 18 to 26, but slave rat hp went from 7.5 to 13, that’s the closest to doubling

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uh … are fanatics the skinny zombies? aka chaos slave rats? or are they the bulkier ones

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correct, bigger guys are marauders

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o … i thought marauders are those bearchested guys with mask and 2h axe lol