Rapier stabbing dmg

raiders or maulers, for some reason they have 2 names

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cool. i thought raiders are the ones with shield xD

would be nice if theres a ingame place to find their names :stuck_out_tongue:

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Those are bulwarks. For some reason shielded clan rats don’t have a special name. I’ve gotten this info from the mod bestiary and creature spawner (un-sanctioned) and breakpoint spreadsheets will use the same names.

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Well answered, I noticed the same, level 35 wont change it ( Im 500+ hours Raiper player, and done weaves 44+ to test it, also got max Cauldron power on WHC), On Cata dificulty and high weaves Raiper slash feel useless, actualy trying to slash somthing is good way to die, because when you slash somehting its like you hit Terminator, like nothing happen, no stagger, no damage, so 90% time im forced to use stabs. Seems slashes only work on paesant rats, when going for higher dificulty, even vs. them can be risky.

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