Ranger vet perk tweak

The perk Share and Share Alike overlaps too much with Grungi’s Cunning. The desired outcome of both is that the team has enough ammo to go around, but Grungi’s is just infinitely better at it than Share. Share just doesn’t make sense… you take away 10% of like, 3 ammo from the person who picked it up? It doesn’t give you any benefit, it’s just pointlessly splitting the ammo with a bizarre percent.

I suggest reworking this perk to make it instead give Bardin 10 temp health when allies pick up his ammo. With his passive that gives a dupe chance to heals and other items, he’s a great candidate for healshare. With this perk, it’d be more comfortable to take healshare rather than temp health perks with his small health pool.


Bardin gets 10% of his max ammo when his allies pick it up while that ally also gets 10% of their max ammo but it’s still inferior to the 30% ammo one.
Example: One ally picked up 3 bags, Bardin and that ally get 30% ammo each, but the same can be accomplished with 2 bags, each grabbing just one. A rework is a good idea because if one is better than the other, it decreases the choice of the talent row and they are both competing for the same niche.


Just pray you don’t have a elf on the team whose birthright is to pick up EVERY ammo bag - they would take the ammo crate too, if they could-, especially now that they have to think to get back ammo, not just regen it mindlessly.

Just a little veteran advice: elf won’t pick up all the ammo…

if she’s dead.
Don’t thank me, just enjoy the game :slight_smile:


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