Ranged Weapon Animations Make No Sense - Slide Racking On Equip & Partial Reloads, Lasguns With Slides?

yes, the draw/ready animations are nonsense, especially the bolt gun. it ruins the experience. video games are supposed to be about having fun. excessive draw animations are the opposite of that.

I wrote a topic about ranged weapons today because of these problems. also, lasguns having recoil, lasers pushing enemies back, long/strange reload animations and other mistakes are hard to ignore.


For a start, throwing partial mags away is not somehow the ‘logical default’. You would hang onto the mags, and top them up during quiet moments between fights - but that would not fit this game at all. This ain’t Tarkov.

Secondly you are making a false dichotomy where we must take everything to its completely realistic logical extreme, or do nothing. You are doing this with no consideration that actually, incremental improvement to somewhere between logical extremes makes for the best gameplay.

This it not Tarkov, it shouldn’t be. It’s also not L4D2, which came out in 2009.

It doesn’t make sense at any glance, to anyone who understands what the point of it is. Stop trying to downplay it with this hand-waving. It’s not going to convince any thinking person. The vibe it offers is “this is stupid”.

This thread is not about any other animations. They bear no relation whatsoever. The only relevant animation you mentioned, I think, is the ‘pull out’ (equip) animation.

“I don’t like them” isn’t saying much. I’d recommend making a new thread, and saying why; make some argument for changing them, propose alternatives. This thread is just about the bolt racking on equip and partial mag reloads.

If you aren’t sure what the problem is, read the thread. It has been stated very clearly, many times.

Why should I have to use my imagination to pretend I’m seeing the opposite of what I’m seeing, 100 times a game, because the animations are wrong?

How about improving the quality of the weapon animations instead so it doesn’t feel cheap and tacked on.


I think those were fine, especially because they could be just the safeties triggers.

I personally don’t have problems neither with boltgun or other weapons in general, the pull out of the lasgun which appears to be 2 animations now, don’t feel nice to me, not sure about you. pulling them out of nowhere with no interaction on weapons seems to me very bland and generic like in other games.

the fact it had those nice animations, felt to me very immersive. despite being wrong or right, in term of logic. (i think personally were just safeties)

The fact the animations can be wrong might be subjective.

even the inspection of the gun now changed, it was used to inspect lining up the holosight which now is not longer possible. you say has no relation but devs can read and also rework the entire thing based on a thread.

I don’t know if you’re being deliberately obtuse to be an annoyance, or if you have absolutely no understanding of how a firearm functions, but racking a slide to chamber a new round is not the same as activating or deactivating the safety for a weapon, and absolutely no weapon has the safety integrated in such a fashion as to interact with the bolt of said firearm being actuated. A Mauser’s safety is located on the BACK of the bolt, and has two methods of activation, depending on where the “lever” is flipped, however, this in no way chambers a new round, or cycles the bolt in any way.

Your mental gymnastics in no way change the fact that the implementation of these animations is utterly moronic and counter-intuitive to anywhom whom has a cursory knowledge of the mechanics behind a firearm.

The FACT that the animations are WRONG is not subjective, because a FACT is not a SUBJECTIVE concept. It is, according to the English language, a “thing that is known or proven to be true.”

Please suspend with the trite arguments. They do not help this game crawl its way back from the precipice Fatshark seems hell-bent on sending it over.

EDIT: Please, for the love of god, do NOT insinuate that any individual with two brain cells to rub together would ever activate their safety within a hostile environment. The absolute necessity to fire your weapon at a moments notice far outweighs the marginal chance of your firearm discharging accidentally.

I have a feeling that you will attempt to make this argument. It is even more nonsensical than your apparent inability to understand the fundamental concept of a fact.


IS it subjective if your socks are on your feet or not?

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They fixed/improved the boltgun equip animations!

[edit: There are now three variants:
(new video)

(I couldn’t get a fourth one if it’s there)]

Thank you Fatshark!
Kudos to the glorious animators, sfx guys and all involved :heart:


That’s really nice, still looks like a really heavy weapon when pulling it!


There’s actually four different animations from what I’ve seen so far!


The new bolter animations look boring.

It went from “come get some” to “Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! I need to pull out my Bolter!”.

They’re pulling out a weapon…


There was nothing remotely “come get some” about that original charging handle pull. It was dainty if anything. I like the H&K style bolt slap they’ve added as one variation.

So, what you’re saying is they made the animation match what the character is doing! Pulling out a very heavy weapon.

I haven’t logged back in to check yet, but it looks like we’ve had a huge improvement in the animations - props to the animators at Fatshark and the feedback managers who made it happen :heart:


Absolutely. (Autoguns next! I hope!)

And this looks like a forward bolt assist. You can make an argument that it’s excessive but it’s way, way, way better then what we had.

Before, it was full hollywood rooster. (I say rooster the gun because I can’t say the other word), every time you so much as opened a door. It’s so silly to rooster a gun for effect…more then once. Now it’s ‘bump the bolt to ensure it’s closed.’ which IS a real thing.

You were already getting a massive delay on ‘pull bolter.’ and worse, you had a delay that was illogical. Rooster the bolt when you load it, and only when you load it.

But this? A weapon might not have it’s bolt all the way closed if it’s been fired, because the fouling, (aka the smoke from the propellant,) builds up over time on the parts. Even ‘smokeless’ gunpowder isn’t, it’s mostly a transparent gas, compared to black powder. Guns get dirty because this smoke builds up on the parts. Thumping the bolt handle to ensure it’s close…

Is so much better then “loading” it ten times in ten seconds.

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Got damn it. I know this was actually supposed to be a simulator, and not a wild space fantasy with FTLs that drive through Hell. Those Laser Guns and the weird Slug Monster will probably get swapped for something more logical next week.

Or those Chainswords. I mean really. Look at them. The Sword is too wide. You wouldn’t be able to cut anything with it because the chain cant bite past it. Better rework that illogical mess of a game.

Vet spawning Grenades from thin Air? Not in my logical game. Ammo just magically laying on the ground AND fits the gun I wield? Get that out of here! Some class is able to shoot lightning WITH A STAFF! lol

Ah, the worst argument every made in the history of the world.

“IF anything in a fictional world has different rules, logic is not required.” Most of us see fictional worlds as having rules different from our own, or rules our people have not yet discovered. Or we are willing to accept a bit of hand waving in the background, much in the way an action hero never has trouble with traffic or parking - save it being a comedy bit.

But you went full ‘logic out the window.’

I suggest you play the game with the computer off. It might be a bit silly, but it would fit your argument.

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It’s almost as if the space fantasy make believe world is still heavily based on real world counterparts, and function just like their real world counterparts. Are the ammunition cartridges filled with unicorn dust? The “it’s a game based in a fictional world” argument becomes moot when the fictional world uses real-world elements.

We’re not arguing whether it’s possible cartoon penguins can serve mary poppins some lunch- we’re arguing that because they’re penguins, they oughtta move like penguins.


I hate this idiotic argument, whenever or however it is brought up, with a passion.

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I find it weird how many people are ready to advertise that their relationship with reason and logic is so tenuous that they are able to completely discard reason at the slightest hint of flashy lights. It’s really a terribly shameful thing to admit, but they have no notion of it.

“Oh, you want things to make sense? I don’t need that. Not me, everything can make no sense at all and I’m just fine.”

Certainly we can excuse bugs bunny for being able to produce anything at any time in his setting, or even some behind the scenes handwaving to make a game work at all, such as the lack of permadeath, but even those things have a logical basis in their context, one being a cartoon and the other being a game.

The things in the game need to have some relationship with logic and reason or there’s no call for anything except a video of a fireworks display on infinite loop.

Which perhaps we should create for people who don’t have any relationship to reason. They can watch the pretty colors and stop bothering us.

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Otherwise known as the suspension of disbelief.

Yes, willing suspension of disbelief is the whole phrase, and going out of bounds wrecks it. Doing a close up on something impossible -showing you close up- the impossibility ends the willing suspension of disbelief because the picture before you lacks verisimilitude.

The vet’s grenade production, not too bad, because it happens off camera, and we could explain it by having the enemies dropping them. We could even take it to the next level that the collection of grenades is taking place in scenes that are edited out.

What we can’t do is suddenly have the vet fly by flapping his arms with no lead up or hint in advance of any particular physics behind it.

“But there’s magic so arm flapping until you’re an attack aircraft while shooting your gun with your teeth is just as realistic!” No it, it just plain isn’t.

There’s a wonderful interview with Leonard Nimoy and one of the creatives on the original star trek about how your rules can be anything you want, but you HAVE TO HAVE them, and you have to stick to them.

That’s why almost every ship in their universe has distinct warp nacelles that are boomed out from the ship. Feds usually put them on top, Klingons in the bottom, and Romulans in the middle with a hollow center, but they all have them… because they are established as necessary for that kind of technology.


There are rules and they are based on WarHammer 40K.