Bolt Gun

Can we do something about the bolt gun, I am getting annoyed with the constant racking the slide time delay animation. Seriously I have to reload the weapon we get a rack the slide, I get knocked across the room with the weapon out I have to rack the slide. There is no point to racking the slide on an already loaded weapon. Please remove this



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Im ok with giving it another animation, as long as the swap delay remains. Boltgun is good as it is.


Yeah, re-racking the slide just makes me cringe as a gun owner.

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You actually don’t need to rack the bolt if you swap to reload, the animation is playing but it can be canceled with a reload.

Yes this is very annoying on high shock troop,when your constanly juggled by 4 mutants then you have to wait for the animation to finish, very rage inducing.

Agree with other, the delay has to stay due to the weapon power but on this and many weapon it feel weird to be constantly racking or switching security

I’m getting annoyed by Veterans clearing entire corridors and not even breaking an ammo sweat.
The things is powerful, as it should be, but holds way too much ammo.

Vet perks make that weapon way too good